Amsterdam: The City´s Best Photo Hot Spots

Grachten Amsterdam

You’re already familiar with the Vondelpark, the numerous canals and the Anne Frank House. Now you’re wondering what else is worth visiting and photographing in the Dutch capital? We’ll show you the (nearly) unknown locations around the city where keeping your camera in your bag might prove difficult to do. No matter if it’s summer or winter - Amsterdam is always worth a trip. Have fun exploring!


The Spuistraat is a must for all street art fans. Colorful façades and decorated garage doors are lined up side by side here. This street is known amongst various artists as the former “headquarters of street art”. If you have a closer look, you’ll notice that many of the houses have an alternative feel to them - a photo paradise that you won’t find anywhere else in Amsterdam!

Spuistraat Amsterdam

NDSM-Werft [NDSM Shipyard]

The formerly largest shipyard in Europe located in the northwest of the city boasts a convincing industrial charm: Abandoned warehouses, an old cargo crane and an old streetcar pose excellent photo motives. Those who still haven’t had enough of impressive street art objects will also make a find here where numerous artists have perpetuated themselves on the walls. The industrial site attracts more and more artists and creatives and so in addition to parties, concerts and regular flea markets, there are several cafés as well. You can easily spend a few hours here without your camera lens getting bored.



The Jordaan is a district in Amsterdam that boasts a charming tranquility. While taking a walk a little off the usual tourist paths, you’ll keep finding beautiful old buildings along small side streets, many of which even have idyllic back gardens. The Haarlemerstraat, with its small yet trendy shops, is particularly worthwhile for shopping lovers. If you’re out at a late hour, you’ll be able to listen to old Dutch pop hits playing from the characteristic pubs. For architecture fans, the Noorderkerk is a great place to be: The protestant style of Amsterdam’s first church building is reflected in the shape of a Greek cross for the floor plan.

Jordaan Amsterdam

Borneo Island

In the East of Amsterdam is where you can find the sought-after residential area, a stronghold for architects and their creativity. The Python Bridge is particularly remarkable as it makes for an iconic photo motive and definitely leaves an impression. Former warehouses and sheds have turned into a popular residential area where almost everyone has a boat right outside their door. Architectural works of art have arisen on small properties and they couldn’t be more individual - plus, they always make for a great snapshot!


Radisson Blu Hotel, Amsterdam City Center

If you would like to relax after a long day of taking pictures of the city but cannot get enough of the gorgeous views, we recommend the Radisson Blu Hotel, Amsterdam City Center. Whether it’s a bird’s eye view of the canals or the wonderful architecture in the hotel lobby - you are guaranteed to feel comfortable here.

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