Art Fair Arco 2017

With the yearly International Art Fair ARCO Madrid, art takes over the city for a few days every year, and the Radisson Blu Hotel Madrid Prado is no exception.

This year marks a new artistic collaboration for the hotel with French artist Françoise Vanneraud, who completely transforms the hotel’s façade for the art fair with her work “Travesia”. To get a better understanding of the emotions and rationale behind her work we have had the chance to meet the artist.


- How would you describe your work « Travesia” on the hotel’s façade?

Travesia showcases, on the façade of the Radisson Blu Hotel Madrid Prado, a complete series of climbing routes that symbolically invite to start climbing the building to reach the roof. Indeed even though a climbing wall is perfectly suitable and useful for climbing purposes, it remains a sort of deception. An artificial creation that with the best of intentions (training, learning, etc.…) attempts to provide a much deeper experience: conquer and dominate a place.

Travesia - details

- What is your source of inspiration for this work?

Natural landscape, and particularly mountains, are a recurring and significant theme in my global work. In a certain way, the symbolism of the mountain has always been one of the key drivers of my imagination.

- How did you integrate the hotel’s building in our artistic and creative thinking?

The building itself was truly the starting point of the whole project, it was at the origin of the creation process. It’s from this emblematic building that I built my work.

- Which message do you wish to relay with « Traversia »?

Travesia invites the audience to mentally climb up the building and imagine the endless and “impossible” possibilities to climb to the roof of the hotel.

- How does this creative work blend in with the Radisson Blu brand?

This project connects with Radisson Blu’s brand philosophy thanks to its energy, its innovation and the poetry it liberates.


The ARCO Art Fair in Madrid runs from February 22 – 26, 2016 so be sure to stop by the hotel if you’re in Madrid at that time! And follow the hotel on Facebook and Instagram to get a glimpse of the intriguing and transformed hotel façade.

A special thank you to our sponsors and partners who make this beautiful work possible: the ponce & robles art gallery, the fundacion Goethe, Area-led, the Norak Group, Gerflor and l’institut français de Madrid.

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