Artsy Hangouts for creative travelers in Budapest

Art lovers and the creative crowd will find a wonderland of different stokes and styles in Budapest. Follow Budapestflow on a tour, go to some galleries and visit the famous Ruin Pubs.

An art-filled trip to Budapest is inevitable regardless of how much artistic blood runs through your veins. This city is painted with the feelings of its people.  Each street oozes with the joy of the golden ages, angst and rebellion during the revolutions, distraught from the wars and the currently favored ‘Parisian’ love for the city. Every nook and cranny, seeming somewhat misplaced, forms part of the city’s magnificent jigsaw puzzle of history. Take a walk, check out the creativity of the locals and let Budapestflow help piece the Hungarian capital together with you on a walking tour.

The idyllic Ruin Pubs of Budapest

Take a step off the beaten track and join a tour with Budapestflow. These locals are enthusiastic about all things Budapest and want to share their city with you. Walking you street by street and explaining the small details, a tour with them will give you a greater understanding of the real Hungarian capital. If you hit the town on a Saturday night, they have the perfect Sunday Morning Hangover Tour to ease that headache while discovering quaint spots in the city. Looking for a unique experience? Join their Ruin Pub tour and take part of the city’s underground cultural life.

The ultimate Ruin Pub: Szimpla Kert

The absolute be all and end all of Ruin Pubs is Szimpla Kert. This bar is decorated with everything and anything, creating an atmosphere of a somewhat intended confusion perfect for sparking up conversation. The bar has an outdoor, open-air theater for shows and films and has creative splashed across all walls. Meaning ‘Simple Garden’ in English, you can expect to find a quaint outdoor sitting area with houseplants and on Sundays you can attend their farmers’ market. Music fans can attend a concert during the week or join a jam session with all kinds of music on a Sunday.

After checking out the ruin pubs scattered across the city, head into one of the galleries and awe at the art inside. There are countless doors leading you into creative spaces in Budapest. Here are two great galleries to give you a taste.

Vintage Galéria

Local artists are welcomed to showcase their creations at Vintage Galéria. Promoting modern art photography, the walls inside are decked with inspiring snaps and the floor with 20th century design furniture. Some of the photos are humorous, others use new media and juxtapositions are evident. If you love what you see, grab one of their books and take a piece of Hungarian art home with you to decorate your coffee table and entertain guests.

FKSE Studio Galéria

This gallery is a space for the city’s young artists, where  their art can be seen, exhibited for the first time.. In order to give upcoming artists a chance to showcase their talents, Studio Galéria’s permanent collection is made up of the Studio of Young Artists Association’s (SYAA) work. Each year they also hold what is called Gallery by Night. For ten nights the gallery is open, displaying art specifically designed for each night’s occasion. This is certainly a stop for art groupies, so don’t miss it.

Whether you want to experience the creativity of the city by bar hopping around the Ruin Pubs, visiting one of the many Galérias or taking a tour, Budapest is the all-time artsy hangout city.  Enjoy its quirks, get inspired and learn about their past. Let your artistic experience follow you back to the hotel and stay at the Radisson Blu Béke Hotel, Budapest. The hotel’s façade was designed by the acclaimed Hungarian artist Jenõ Haranghy, guaranteeing a stylish stay here.

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