Bars with a twist in Tallinn

Beer, wine and a good time are a certainty when in Tallinn. Enjoy a quiet evening in a beautiful wine cellar, craft beers from across the world, a cocktail and a show. The capital has something for everyone.

There are so many bars in Tallinn; you will find them crammed into wonderful medieval buildings and on every street corner. You won’t have time to explore them all, so we made you a list of 5 quirky bars to suit your mood. Take the time to visit at least one and take part of everyday Estonian life.

1. Like a Local’s Pick: Hell Hunt

The Tallinn team at Like a Local have scoped out all the best places to be and see in the city. They took upon themselves the arduous task to visit a huge number of bars and clubs and compiled a list of their favorites, on which Hell Hunt has a top spot. Claiming to be the very first Estonian Pub, this oldie has an extensive beer menu and is a hit with the locals. Head in for a meal or lap up the sun on their terrace with a cold exotic beer in hand.

Estonian Pub

2. Gloria Wine Cellar

If your idea of the perfect evening involves a rich wine, sipped in good company and dim lighting then Gloria Wine Cellar is where you need to be. Mahogany and marble create a magnificent setting, perfect for pondering life’s important questions, or what dish you are going to choose to match that delicious Pinot Noir.

Gloria Wine Cellar

3. Pudel Baar

When beer is your drink-soulmate, Pudel Baar is the perfect place to have a fling with different flavors you never tried before. Try a raspberry wheat beer, an awesome aged pale ale from Petrus or sit comfortably with your favorites. This bar is known to have 13 beers on tap at a time and promises you’ll find something you haven’t tried before.

Pudel Bar

4. Von Krahl

This bar is a place for those looking for a different kind of night out. Von Krahl offers locals and visitors a place to sit down and enjoy the evening with a touch of entertainment. The bar is in fact a theater, so take a seat and enjoy a play with a drink in hand. The food is great and the scene a little less hectic, drawing in art groupies and those seeking a more calm evening.

American Style Bar

Whether you need a liquid pit stop to refuel while stepping around the city, are looking for a little entertainment or want a place to discover the local life, head to one of these quirky bars. Tallinn has something for everyone on the lookout for a great night out.

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