Batumi´s 6 May Park and Dolphinarium

Swim with dolphins, meet international animals, explore the world beneath the sea line and let the kids loose at 6 May Park in Batumi, Georgia.

Batumi is an incredible Black Sea destination with great attractions all year round. If you are looking to spend some time outside in the sunshine or want to see something different then be sure to check out the 6 May Park. Here you can attend a dolphin show, see cool underwater species at the aquarium or play with interesting animals from around the world at the zoo. There is also a tranquil lake and lots of green open space for those looking to take a quiet walk.

A show at the Dolphinarium

Once the first demonstrative dolphinarium in the Soviet Union, this wonderful waterpark is a perfect place to visit when in Batumi. In a past not so long ago, people would travel to the city just for the delight of seeing these lovable creatures perform. Now, the park serves as an excellent outing opportunity filled with flips, flippers and fins. Watch as the shiny dolphins jump in unison, throw their trainers through the air and do tricks for fish like waterborne puppies. The creatures here are taken well care of and have a special bond with their trainers, and they are all part of a rehabilitation and reproduction program. If you or the kids would like to get up and close with these beautiful creatures, then this is your chance. For an extra fee, you can get in the water and splash around with them, while getting incredible photos.

Tropical and unique fish at the Aquarium

We are all a little curious as to what wacky and weird animals can be found under the sea. At the aquarium, you can even find a number of interesting species you never knew existed. Catfish, carp and all kinds of colorful, cool finned and clawed friends call the aquarium home. Most of the fish here are bred locally, which requires the water conditions to mimic that of the species’ natural environment to be possible. Come and check out the residents here when in the park and learn about the world underneath the water.

International residents at the Zoo

You don’t need to go all the way down under to find yourself some kangaroos, as the 6 May Park Zoo Corner is home to a few. In addition to furry Australian marsupials, you can also find blackbucks, monkeys, miniature horses and more. The zoo was built in 1989 when the Batumi Animal Defense Society funded enclosures for animals in order to take them out of their cages and is now being turned into an interactive animal shelter. Children can feed and play with the smaller animals and learn about their care.

Carousel and kids’ rides

It is always a good idea to force the kids into the fresh air and take them to a park. The 6 May Park has plenty of kiddy rides and attractions to keep them busy like the dolphinarium and aquarium. But if you are just looking for something simple then take them for a ride in the teacups, hop aboard the train or let them wear themselves out on the playground. There are a number of green spaces for them to run around and you can hire a boat to go across the lake. Have a family day out focused on the little ones and don’t forget to bring your camera.

Whether you are heading to Batumi with the whole family or are there on business, the 6 May Park offers a day of excitement. Check out the water life, international animals at the zoo, let the kids play and have a day to remember. When staying at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Batumi, this wonderful park is just moments down the road.

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