Be swept away by Northern Norway

Just north of the Arctic Circle lies a little diamond in the rough, Bodø. Even though it is a small city with just 50,000 inhabitants, there are endless experiences waiting for visitors including excellent shopping opportunities and great dining.

Northern Norway is known for its unbelievable wildlife experiences, all of which can be found in Bodø. With endless daylight in the summer and northern lights in the winter, this city allows you to enjoy those must-do activities Norway boasts about.

Don’t just go with the flow, get active

Saltstraumen is the world’s strongest current, flowing a mere half hour outside the city. Millions of cubic meters of water rush through this small area creating a frighteningly strong torrent and an unforgettable natural phenomenon. Stella Polaris offers boat trips to those wishing to get an up close view of Saltstraumen. You won’t find any place like it in the world, so be sure to check it out when in the north.

Norwegian Aviation Museum houses the north’s biggest collection of all things airborne and lies just 1.5 km out of the city. Here, there is an entire 10,000m² dedicated to both military and civil aviation history wrapped neatly into propeller-shaped museum. Once being an old airport the Germans built during the Second World War, this is the perfect place to discover how man took to the skies from the first pioneer flights to the huge jumbo planes we take today. If you fancy yourself a bit of a Maverick, you can also test your skills in their flight simulator.

For those who like a little music to their step, it is necessary to visit Stormen, Bodø’s newest house of culture. Throughout the summer and autumn Stormen, which translates to ‘The Storm’, is the place to go for operas, children’s theater, concerts and musicals. There is something for every taste and, as it happens, every ear.

Bountiful menus

Every vacation should be paired with great food, just like great food should be paired with a nice wine. This city has an awesome selection of restaurants to get your stomach rumbling.

Farmors Stue, or Grandfather’s dining room when translated, is a lovely little café in the center of the city set up in a way that would have grandad smiling. Taking you back to the 40’s and 50’s this spot lets you grab a bite to eat from organic foods all sourced within the vicinity.

Cielo Melkebar is another café, which is popular with locals and visitors that emphasizes coffee, ice cream and chocolate. Looking for a sweet stop when in Bodø? These guys have a selection of different flavored chocolates from your average milk chocolate to those a little more special, like the one that tastes of dried fish (a traditional Norwegian specialty). Whatever chocolate you choose, it will always taste best with a side of coffee and Cielo Melkebar has beans from across the world. Stop by and try something new.

Sjøsiden Restaurant, found tucked inside Radisson Blu Hotel, Bodø, is another great dining spot worth mentioning with its local specialties. Here guests can choose from local and international dishes with an unbeatable view over the water. At the top of the hotel, you can also find the rooftop bar Top 13.

A spot of shopping

Bodø has plenty of open doors that would excite shopaholics. Both the city’s biggest shopping mall City Nord and Koch og Glasshuset have a great selection of different types of stores. You won’t only find the top names organized into these malls. If you have a sweet tooth, Monica’s Godteributikk within Koch has so much candy it will make your head spin including homemade chocolate. It is also worth strolling along Storgata, the main street, to check out the boutiques on offer. Antiques lovers will find themselves a trinket or two at Antikviteten Bodø and there are a few great second hand stores to peek inside like Oxygen.

Make your trip just that little bit easier and grab a room right in the center at Radisson Blu Hotel, Bodø. After a day out, set down your shopping bags and enjoy a view over the water at the bar or fall back into a comfortable bed in this gem in the north.

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