Behind the tourist traps: An image guide to Malta

What happens when a photographer starts a social media network aimed to gather wonderful images of his favorite locations? See below for the stunning collection of honest, pure and fantastic captions of Malta.

Graphic Designer, Justin Ciappara, lives in Malta and has over the years developed a strong interest for photography. His recent project called “Malta Photography” gathers unforgettable snapshots taken by tourists and Maltese residents in respective Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Over 15,000 follows this collection of stunning landscapes that grows even more impressive by the week.

One of Justins’ favorite spots in Malta is Mdina:

“the silence of the city is a break from my busy lifestyle. Whether you're going during the day or at night, you'll definitely find it as fascinating as I do!

He continues by saying that he considers himself lucky to have unlimited options and scenery on such a small island and that he can express any emotion possible in his photos. His favorite part of the, beautiful capital, Valletta, is the Grand Harbor, which he describes as one of the most spectacular ports in Europe. The stunning beaches are synonymous to Malta.

There is an abundance of beautiful, white and serene beaches to relax on, which also provides stunning locations for unforgettable holiday images. If you fall in love with St.Julian’s and want to stay close to wonderful Valletta, the Radisson Blu Resort, Malta St. Julian’s is the perfect choice. Alternatively, to sleep steps away from Malta’s most famous beach, check out the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Malta Golden Sands.

The idea of starting the Malta Photography concept started when Justin browsed Instagram for beautiful images of Malta, but realised that many of the users did not have a follower crowd large enough for everyone to witness the stunning images. He started choosing the most beautiful images he could find whilst also inviting tourists and locals to hashtag their own photos with the #MaltaPhotography tag. The concept has become very popular and more people are tuning in for daily inspirational images. Keep on scrolling to see some of our favorites from the collection, guaranteed to create an urge to travel and need for sun and to feel sand between your toes.

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