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Bergen is one of Norway’s most popular destinations and with good reason. The vibrant wharf is usually the first stop for most visitors, but this fascinating city has a lot more to offer. Stylish buildings, a bustling harbor and beautiful houses with colorful rooftops are perfect for the family photo album. Here are our top tips on where to find the most picturesque spots in Bergen.

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Step back in time at Bryggen

Bryggen is undoubtedly at the top of anyone’s list when in Bergen and for good reason. It is a remarkable piece of world famous history, beautifully preserved by Stiftelsenbryggen. It dates back to the 14th Century, a time when the Hanseatic League ruled the trading empire here. Made of wood, these vibrant buildings have been susceptible to the odd fire over the years, but each time, they have been lovingly restored back to their original character. In total, 62 buildings remain. It is worth checking out Bryggens Museum and MuseumVest to learn more. The narrow alleyways in Bryggen are filled with local crafts, souvenir and design shops, most highlighting rich Norwegian traditions and customs. Bryggen is easy to find as it dominates the city harbor, set against a backdrop of hills and forest.

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A taste of the sea at the fish market

Bergen’s fish market is famous across the nation. Situated in the heart of the harbor, it is impossible to miss its bustling stalls and the bright colors of freshly caught fish, shellfish, caviar and other Norwegian delicacies. Purchases come at a premium, but it is worth it to sample Norwegian seafood at its best. The market extends beyond the sea and sells locally grown berries, fruit and vegetables as well as flowers, handmade crafts and souvenirs.

Bergen’s best view with Fløien

Fløibanen is a funicular railway that leaves from downtown Bergen and travels up to the city’s best viewpoint, 320 meters above sea level. Take the 5-8 minute journey for panoramic vistas of the city, forest, fjord and surrounding mountains. You can take the funicular railway back down to the heart of the city, but a nice alternative is to walk back through the forest. When you emerge from the trees, quaint cobbled streets with idyllic wooden houses and vibrant tiled roofs will greet you, before leading you back to the harbor. You'll definitely be well rewarded with some perfect photo opportunities!

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Aquatic fun at the aquarium

 Everyone loves cute animals when on vacation. Bergen Aquarium (Akvariet) is one of the most loved wildlife centers in Norway. Most people come here to see the penguins, but the sea lions capture the hearts of many with their inquisitive ways. Inside, over fifty aquariums are home to fun, vibrant and unusual fish species and crustaceans from along the Norwegian coast. In the tropical display, you can meet Samson, the resident male crocodile and his female companions, as well as reptiles, snakes and insects from around the world. A picture or two here will definitely leave the family with long-lasting memories.

For more information on what to see and do in the city, VisitBergen are located next to the fish market, but these top spots will guarantee you a picturesque visit.

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