Best beaches and swimming spots in Malta

The Maltese Islands are full of insanely beautiful beaches and swimming spots. Check out these five favorites and make this vacation one to remember.

A sand and sun filled European vacation awaits you in the beautiful islands of the Maltese archipelago. With beaches and swimming spots scattered across over 200km of coastline from Malta, Gozo and Comino there is surely a seaside to suit you. Here is a list of five different bathing choices you need to try when visiting this island-trio.

White sand and clear water at Blue Lagoon

On the island of Comino you can dive into crystal blue waters you usually only see in Hollywood films. Protected by a small inlet, this beach has calm waters perfect for snorkeling and swimming and is a favorite spot for locals, visitors and even film crews. You will need to travel by boat to get here and the lagoon area does not have the best facilities, so we recommend making the trip with Captain Morgan Cruises. This company runs a trip to the lagoon giving you great views on the way and access to the boat’s facilities while lounging about when you arrive. They even have a buffet and a bar on board, meaning you don’t have to sweat the details.

Fantastic rock formations at Dwejra Bay - San Lawrenz Gozo

Photographers and those who love to be inspired by the extreme beauty of nature will certainly sport a smile when visiting Dwerja Bay in San Lawrenz, Gozo. The magnificent rock formations loom above the water, wrapping themselves into a natural keyhole out into the Mediterranean known as the Azure Window. The pools intertwined into the rock capture a variety of sea life making them popular for snorkeling. There is an inland sea in Dwerja, perfect for swimming, especially for those traveling with children, but if you want to take a dip in the deep end and are comfortable in the water, you can swim out near the window.

Beautiful Birżebbuġa and Pretty Bay

The beautiful town of Birżebbuġa has built itself up around the water’s edge and created an artificial beach called Pretty Bay. You can enjoy a day with the kids playing in the beach side playground, kick a ball around in the football pitch and relax on the sand when it is time for a break. Enjoy close proximity to restaurants and cafés and explore this dainty Maltese town just a few kilometers south of Valetta.

Balluta Bay at St. Julian’s

If on holidays to dip your toes into a little culture as well as the salty seas of the Mediterranean, then St. Julian’s is the place to go. With a room at Radisson Blu Resort, Malta St. Julian’s you are just moments away from St. George Bay, a popular pebble and sand beach and the quirky Balluta Bay. This tiny beach is only visibly a beach during low tide but is excellent for a dip all day long. With silky sand underfoot, it is ideal for beginners. It is a ‘city beach’ and surrounded by plenty of cultural attractions and places to eat and drink. Take a stroll on the boardwalk and then cool off your feet in the transparent waters.

Golden Bay Beach

Just steps outside Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Malta Golden Sands is one of Malta’s most popular sandy spots, Golden Bay. Parting with a few coins will get you a comfortable lounger here with an umbrella, so you can enjoy a bit of sun and shade. There are also plenty of activities to keep you going. Hire out jet skis and go gliding over the blue depths, get a view while paragliding or jump on a banana boat ride and hold on. When you have been inundated by sand and are sick of shaking it out of your bag, head back to the hotel pool and enjoy a cool drink.

The Maltese Islands offer plenty of excellent and diverse coastlines, perfect for every sun-seeking vacation. There are beaches for relaxing, discovering, awesome water sports and ones in close proximity to all the other things you want to see and do in Malta. Take a drive and explore your own secret sandy spots or check out Which Beach’s website where they feature the best beach of the day depending on conditions.

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