A guide to the best dive sites in Cebu

Nestled in the heart of the Coral Triangle, the Philippines has become synonymous with world-class scuba diving, boasting the highest concentration of marine life in the world residing just moments off the coast. The beautiful island of Cebu has proven to be no exception, with thousands of fish, crustaceans, sharks and other sea creatures calling its shores home. Whether you’re a first-time diver or a seasoned professional, our guide to scuba diving in Cebu has everything you need to make a splash.

Mactan Island

Arguably the most popular dive site in all of Cebu, Mactan Island is an excellent place to begin an underwater adventure in the Philippines, thanks to its convenient location mere moments from the airport. Great for travellers who want to dive in as soon as they touch down, this easy-to-access site is teeming with underwater caves and hard tree corals, along with tuna, barracuda, squirrelfish and surgeon fish.

Pescador Island

Reaching an astonishing depth of more than 600 metres, this marine sanctuary off Cebu’s west coast is best known for its abundance of sardines, which surround divers in schools of more than 1000. Also home to a kaleidoscopic collection of anemones, corals, lionfish and more, there is plenty to discover at Pescador Island.

Malapusca Island

Perched at the far northern tip of Cebu’s main island, this popular dive site is the perfect starting point for beginners, with plenty of dive schools offering tours throughout the area. Opt for an afternoon exploring the deep with Thresher Shark Divers and take your pick from a wide range of excursions, from reefs and wrecks to dives by day and by night.

Apo Island

An excellent choice for divers who want to experience a full-guided tour, this southern off-shoot of Cebu is a protected marine ecosystem, maintained by resident dive master Mario Pascobella. Offering more than 22 years of scuba diving experience and invaluable local knowledge, this immersive experience is unlike anything else in the Philippines.


As well known for its hazards as it is for its beauty, Kansantik’s strong currents and limited visibility make it a site best suited to experienced divers. Prepare appropriately, however, and you’ll soon be scaling a submerged mountain, with an underwater jungle of giant sponges, stony corals, whip corals and more.

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