Best Family-Friendly Parks in Doha

Doha Aspire Park

Despite being a bustling modern city with a high-rise dominated skyline, Doha isn't short of green spaces. The city is safe, clean and almost perpetually sunny, making its parks ideally suited for a fun family day out! Read on to find out where you can pack your picnic baskets and set out with your loved ones for a fun day out and about in Doha's green spaces.

1. Dahl al Hamam Park

Dahl Al Hamam is one of the city's most popular parks in the city, thanks to its brilliant facilities for children. Located near the vast Landmark Mall, it's named after a cave on the northern side of the park, carefully fenced off to keep the area safe for children. The shaded playgrounds are favored spots among local parent-and-baby groups, but you can also spend time at the amphitheater, football field, basketball court or skate park. The park is one of the few in the city to offer free WiFi, and there's also a restaurant near the entrance selling suitably sugary snacks.

2. Aspire Park

Situated in the western part of Doha, Aspire Park forms part of the Aspire Zone precinct, which hosted the Asian Games, back in 2006. The 88 hectares of the park are reserved for families only, but that doesn't stop it being reliably busy. Running tracks and football pitches cater to more active groups, while parents in need of some peace and quiet can enjoy a leisurely picnic by the lake.

Aspire Park - Doha, Qatar

3. Museum of Islamic Art Park

Lined with date palms, the grounds of Doha's iconic MIA create one of the most relaxing spaces in the city. There's a children's play area, installed with state-of-the-art equipment including separate areas for children of different ages, and paddle boats available to hire. The Museum of Islamic Art Park runs regular outdoor music performances and events during the cooler months. Enjoy a bite to eat in the cafe, or grab an ice cream from the kiosk while enjoying panoramic views over West Bay and the Arabian Sea.

Museum of Islamic Art Park in Doha, Qatar

4. Barzan Olympic Park

Inaugurated in 2012, Barzan Olympic Park lets kids start off their very own Olympic training in style. Outside, there are picnic and playground areas, family cycle tracks complete with an artificial lake and fountain, and shaded areas for sports like table tennis and floor chess. Other sporting facilities include football pitches, tennis courts and two indoor swimming pools. The park is located a little to the north of the city, off the Al Shamal Road.

5. Al Kharaitiyat Park

At the opposite end of the spectrum is the small but vibrant Al Kharaitiyat Park. This compact space is filled with lush greenery, with plenty of benches placed strategically around the grounds. Mornings tend to be quieter, but there's always a friendly, lively atmosphere here and plenty of space for children to play happily, whether that's in the designated playground or just by running around the trees and bushes.

6. Al Rumailah Park

Last but not least, Al Rumailah Park is also known as Al Bidda. Its central location, a ten minute drive from our Radisson Blu Hotel Doha, makes it a popular choice with residents and tourists alike. Situated half way along Doha's waterfront promenade, it has a ferris wheel, boat rides and an old fashioned miniature train as well as several cafés and restaurants. The rollerblading track and half-pipe are bound to appeal to older children. Pack a pair of roller-blades and drop by on a weekday afternoon to make sure you've got plenty of space to skate.

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Al Rumailah Park Doha, Qatar

Pack your picnic baskets and head to these wonderful parks when you stay with Radisson Blu in Doha!

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