Best Seat in the House by Radisson Blu

At Radisson Blu, design is in our DNA.


From the world’s first design hotel built in Copenhagen in 1960 by Arne Jacobsen, to the Aquadome in Berlin, we’re dedicated to making hotels as iconic, stylish and sophisticated as our guests.


But enough talking. We’d rather show you.


Scroll down to see five breath-taking examples of just a few of our ‘Best Seats in the House’ from Blus around the world - and what makes them so special.

Standing on the shoulders of giants


The lobby of the Radisson Blu Saga Hotel in Reykjavik enjoys a calming stillness. At the centre of this oasis is a striking cluster of red chairs designed by renowned architect Halldór H. Jónsson – sit down in one, take a breath, clear your mind and see where your imagination takes you – for the air around these seats resounds with the echo of legend. Firstly, take a look out of the window and you’ll see the Snaefellsjökull glacier-topped volcano. This stunning mountain was the entrance to the centre of the earth in Jules Verne’s 1864 classic novel. It was also the inspiration for a novel by Iceland’s only Nobel laureate: Halldór Laxness who looked at the very same view from one of these red chairs.

Laxness was an exceptional exponent of the Nordic Saga in which heroic deeds and legendary tales abound, perhaps this is why he was drawn to a hotel with the word Saga in its name – who knows? The legends continue – the crew of Apollo 13 (the real one, not the film) have sat in these chairs, just imagine the impressions they must have left. Robert Plant, the lead singer of Led Zeppelin conducted a famous interview in one of these iconic chairs and US Presidential Candidate, Hilary Clinton has also taken time out in one. Is she a possible American Saga of the future? Again, who knows…

Take a Seat

There’s something very stately about these Fritz Hansen Ro chairs, almost as if they were a modern tribute to the classic Queen Anne chair with its high arms and head-height wings. These are chairs you can hide in. They provide an accent, a hint of the gentleman’s club to the lobby of the Radisson Blu Aqua in Chicago. And when they’re not being photographed as a backdrop to a wedding, they are an ideal vantage point from which to enjoy an exclusive set of black and white photographs by the late, great and very mysterious Vivian Maier.

Nestled between an expansive reclaimed brick wall and a massive fireplace whose light shimmers off an equally vast hand-made gold plated chain link wall covering, these are the very best seats to plan things in. Drinks and canapés on the table between you, place your elbows on the arms of your chair and join the ends of your fingers together – now you can plot to take over the world.

And the Winner Is…

If you settle into this seat on 10th December (any year, it doesn’t matter) you’ll be overlooking something quite extraordinary: a banquet attended by 1,300 people and inspired by the inventor of dynamite. This is the Nobel Banquet where the infamous prizes are awarded (apart from the Peace prize which is awarded in Norway). If you’re there on any other day of the year – the view’s still spectacular.


Stockholm is a beautiful city – both vibrant and tranquil, old and new. It’s made up of 14 islands and the Sky Bar in the Radisson Blu Royal Viking affords an amazing view of this captivating place. Right behind you superb cocktails are mixed at the bar – this isn’t a seat you just drop in to, this is a seat where you’ll spend time. Make room for it, and drink in the sights – and the cocktails!

About Time

Make time to find time to enjoy your time at the Radisson Blu Edwardian, New Providence Wharf in London – it’s all about time here. Settle in to your seat, look out at the view and contemplate – you can’t help but think about time. The hotel sits opposite the Prime Meridian (that’s 0 Longitude) where the East and West Hemispheres are divided and the starting point for the world’s time zones.

As well as the view of London, one dominating feature is the O2 Arena. Originally constructed as the Millennium Dome, it features twelve 100 metre high support towers – one for each hour of the clock face. Although it’s only been in existence for fewer than 20 years, it has already generated stories that will live forever: Michael Jackson’s last days were spent here and it was also the scene, in 2000, of a foiled jewellery raid that would - had it been successful - have been the biggest robbery in history at the time (€450 million of diamonds). Sip your drink, take your time and think of the stories…




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