Biarritz Aquarium: an underwater world of wonder

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Fancy a closer look at some aquatic wonders? Then head on over to the Biarritz Aquarium, your one-stop show for making new watery friends.

Welcome to Biarritz, home to surfers, delicious food and in general a water-lovers paradise. Another great stop on your visit should be the Biarritz Aquarium, perfect if you need a break from the beach but don’t want to leave the wonders of the sea behind. You can buy tickets at our Radisson Blu Hotel in Biarritz, so all you have to do upon arrival is stroll on in. So let’s head on to the aquarium!

Sharks, seals and turtles – oh my!

Since opening its doors way back in 1933, the Biarritz has been a staple in the city. The Art Deco building is home to a variety of species; from jellyfish and clownfish to grey seals and eagle rays. As you enter the aquarium, located just across the Rocher de la Vierge promenade, you can start exploring the wonders of the Bay of Biscay and treat yourself to 20 aquariums teeming with life. Gaze on the playful pranks of the octopi, seahorses swimming about and enjoying life, as well as the conger eels going about their day and many more. Signs are all in French but there are audio guides available in English, Spanish, German, French and Basque.

The Aquarium is about more than just allowing you to gaze at pretty animals, it is equally as much about telling the story of the area and preserving marine life. Take a look behind the scenes of the aquarium, and see how they take care of the animals, grow coral reefs and more. A large team of biologists, technicians and animal keepers are hard at work to ensure the animals get the royal treatment they deserve.

See the giants up close

After exploring the ground floor, head on up to the 1st floor where another nautical world opens up in front of you. In the cetacean gallery you can admire skeletons and reconstructed models of killer whales, dolphins, as well as a blue whale. The sheer size of the blue whale skull that is on display is quite a sight! Head into the Delord and Fisheries Room, where you can learn more about the different boats and tools used in the rich fishing history of the Basque region. Both floors also have temporary exhibitions on display so there is always something new to discover.

Panoramic views of aquatic life

The Aquarium’s 2nd floor is a treat for those who love seals and turtles, and let’s face it – we all do. So why not enjoy front-row seats to the seals’ world below the surface? Massive panoramic windows ensure you can relax and enjoy the views of the grey seals swimming and playing right in front of your eyes. After, you can mosey on down to the Turtle Grotto to catch a glimpse of the Green Turtle and Loggerhead Turtle that call the aquarium home, as well as the turbots, undulate rays and more.

The only Hammerheads in France

On the 3rd floor awaits the crown jewels of the Biarritz Aquarium’s collection; the seals and hammerhead sharks. The seals spend their days in the penthouse pool, with stunning ocean views, which you can enjoy as well when visiting. Don’t miss out on the feeding of the seals, which happens twice every day. There is also a touch pool on this floor, where you can touch jellyfish and other aquatic inhabitants. Perfect for the little ones, or anyone who wants to give it a go!

Right around the corner awaits the highlight of the facility, the shark aquarium. Watch from a safe range, behind thick glass, as these vicious yet magnificent creatures swim in the clear waters. These sharks are actually the only ones of their kind in all of France, so you are definitely in for a treat!

So what are you waiting for? The Biarritz Aquarium is a perfect choice for a great family day out when you’re visiting Biarritz. We’ll see you there!

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