Bike tracks, trails and tricks in Trysil

Bike area Gullia Trysil

Welcome to Trysil. Your favorite skiing sanctuary is transformed by the summer sun into an extravagant jungle gym for bikers. This resort is encircled by slopes, valleys and perfect spots for two-wheeled travelers that will thrill even the most seasoned rider. To get you started, equip yourself with an area map, a good camera and fresh legs. The inclines here will have your legs pumping and the way down has plenty of obstacles to maneuver.

The Ultimate Biking Challenge: Utflukt

Gear up because the ultimate biking experience is laid out under your feet when arriving in Trysil. Starting June 18, Utflukt invites bikers of all skills levels and ages to take part in a three-day outdoor party dedicated to spokes, chains and crossbars. Around 500 participants are expected to join the fun in 2015, tracking through 100km of marked beaten paths. If you are a little rusty, grab a guide to take you on a tour and check out the skills course. There is more than just biking at Utflukt. There is a photo course with Norway’s leading mountain bike photographer, Kristoffer Kipperness, movies, comedy and quizzes. For those in need of speed, the chair lifts are operational, meaning you don’t need to bike up the mountain each time. This is a festival for the fit and those that love exploring in fresh air. If this is you, ask the hotel or Utflukt to help you sign up and get ready for some serious cycling.

Check your speed with Trysilrittet

If in the need to get your heart racing, join Trysilrittet, the largest biking event during Trysil’s summer. Clip on your racing number and slip on spandex shorts as you join 1,500 participants race around the city from July 3 to July 5. There are competitions for all kinds of biking lovers including ‘familierittet’ a race where the whole family can join in the fun. For the serious mountain bikers, the main event is a bumpy 75 km marathon flooding the city with adrenaline, bikers and spectators alike.

Trysil’s newest member, the Bike Arena

Trysil is now no longer a resort only associated with icing sugar covered mountains, chair lifts and ski poles. This Norwegian getaway has become a playground for biking buffs off all levels thanks to its countless tracks and trails and the new Trysil Bike Arena. This fantastic bike course is for the whole family. Zoom down the dirt trails and hop, swerve and climb as your tires bounce around wooden platforms and jumps. There are tracks for young ones and those just looking to ‘give it a go’, so prepare to be challenged and try something new when exploring the outdoors.

Choose your own adventure

There are one hundred and one different ways to explore the mountainous terrain that rises up into the clouds. Choose from one of the many tracks snaking their way through the wilderness and couple it with incredible views of Norway’s fairytale like landscapes. Ride along rivers of blue, up colorful mountain tops or find paths through woodlands as birds beckon you along with song. Pack yourself a snack and race into the fresh air on two wheels. If you are looking to head out on a trip and want to take a guide with you, check out Trysilguidene and arrange all sorts of activities.

Bike hire and skills course with Radisson Blu

For those who book a room at the Radisson Blu Resort Trysil, getting out to bike has never been easier. The reception offers a rental service with bikes for different levels and ages so the whole family can get out and get active. Inside you can also find Sport Lodge’n, where you can rent out a wider variety of bikes and brands if needed.

Choose your two-wheeled steed and ask for info on the best tracks to suit your abilities. The John Tomacs’ of the world can head outside the hotel and test their turns and reactions on the skills course and pump track. The course has drops, stops, ramps and rocks and will have you feeling ready to battle the elements at the biking Himalayas looming above the retreat. Make this Trysil vacation full of fun. Jump on the saddle, put on your lid and enjoy this mountain resort with a view over the handlebars.

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