Blu Planet: Small Gesture - Big Impact

In just 7 months, Radisson Blu hotels have helped over 4,700 children by providing communities in Africa with safe drinking water.


Since April of this year, Radisson Blu guests can make a real difference by using their towels more than once. Thanks to the innovative Blu Planet towel reuse program the hotel donates a small sum to a water charity for every towel that is reused.In this way our guests directly contributes to our planet, not only by having a lighter environmental footprint, but also by bringing safe drinking water to communities in need.


Donations go to Just A Drop, an international water charity involved in grassroots water security projects around the world. Just A Drop founder, Fiona Jeffery, OBE, recently visited the projects supported by Radisson Blu in Kenya.


At the Ikalaasa Secondary school we have installed a school water tank. One of the pupils talked about the impact this has had on them, particularly the girls from a personal hygiene perspective and how much better they now feel in lessons. Financially it will help the school also because a big portion of their budget was having to be spent on buying water. Now, with the tank they have a rainwater harvesting system and can use the money saved to invest in a better science lab

At the Kwa Mbithi Rock Catchment. A Self-Help group of 24 women are currently undertaking back breaking work to develop a rock catchment in order to have clean water close to their homes.One of the women, Sarah Petter who is 58 years of age and has 9 children, said she was enjoying building the rock catchment. Although it was “back breaking work” it would ensure she would no longer be walking for 2 hours a day to get water and would help prevent her children from catching water-related illnesses, as she has no money for medicine.


Another project was in Ndethye Ngutethye where the community came out and sang and danced at the recently finished sand dam to show their appreciation for the Just A Drop and Radisson Blu support.


Just A Drop monitors all projects very carefully. The Just A Drop engineers and local partners ensure the engineering is done correctly but the community themselves participate in the building of the structures. The joint work brings communities together, the Radisson Blu funding gives them the much needed 'leg-up' and the common purpose makes the projects truly sustainable.


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