Bodø: Nature rocks!

Merely landing at Bodø airport, you know you have come to a wild and natural place on earth. As the plane descends over thousands of small islands in the vast blue sea, you get a glimpse of the majestic glaciers overlooking the small but wonderful city of Bodø. For a more intimate and personal travel experience, try the famous Hurtigruten often referred to as “the world’s most beautiful sea voyage”, and ride in through a chain of spiky mountains forming the Lofoten archipelago.

With Bodø being less than one degree north of the Arctic Circle, it has many natural attractions and activities to keep you busy and awe-struck. Offering a range of attractions like cycling, skiing, hiking, caving, climbing and fishing, not to mention the natural wonders that seem to have centred themselves around this small and remote part of the globe.

Let’s start exploring!


Existing for about 2-3 thousand years, Saltstraumen is a very small strait, but none the less boasts the strongest tidal current in the entire world. At its strongest, the current produces surging whirlpools up to 10 metres in diameter and as deep as 5 metres. It is described as an intense and magnificent feeling when you witness the real strength of Mother Nature. And though you would be safest not to test its strength, you may want to indulge the dare devil in you and opt for a thrilling ride with rafting the current in a Rib boat. This not only promises a thrilling and amazing ride in the currents, but also an up close and personal encounter with Poseidon himself.

Arctic Light

The mythical Northern Lights, or Aurora as it’s scientifically called, is no other than natures’ fireworks and is a bucket list must. To really get a feeling of how amazing and awe-inspiring the earth we live in is, this light show that is put on by Gaia herself, dances in all its colours and illuminates the night sky. It leaves you really contemplating how significant this world is. The Vikings allegedly thought of the Northern Lights as a gateway between this earth and the gods, and thus the Norse Mythology embodied the Northern Lights as the God Heimdal. You won’t want to miss this unforgettable natural light show.


This small and idyllic Island is a gem on the Nordland coast. Travel back in time and walk the streets of this quaint and tiny fishing village, while taking in the absolutely amazing nature surrounding it.  Here you will find soft white sandy beaches, sharp peaks surrounding the village and crystal clear water.  Steeped in history, Kjerringøy has a museum and a wonderful church to really take you back in time. This beautiful village is well worth the trip from Bodø, a nice trip in itself.


If you deem all of the attractions above as something your grandmother would like, and are looking for something more exotic and challenging, this majestic mountain may just be it. Kvalhornet has its name from the mountain top’s appearance, which looks like a whale fin. The name might also be an allusion to the great adventure that waits. Strap on your mountain skis and start trekking up the mountain. After a well-deserved pit stop on the top, do as the Norwegians do and chill out for a couple of minutes with a hot cup of Cocoa and grab a Kvikk Lunsj (ask for a chocolate named Quick Lunch). Enjoy the peace and quiet and the breath-taking views, right before your adrenaline levels spike and you take the ride of your life down the wild face of the mountain.

Bodø has a lot to offer any nature enthusiast, in any degree of thrill seeking. The people of Bodø, though a bit reserved, are generally very warm and welcoming when you get to know them. Northerners are known for their hospitality, and Bodø is no exception. Enjoy northern hospitality at Radisson Blu Hotel Bodø.

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”
André Gide

Welcome to Bodø!

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