The Breathtaking Beauty of Kjerringøy

Port of Kjerringoy- Northern Norway

Pick up any good travel magazine and there will be a mention of Norway, with a focus around the incredible natural environment and scenery. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Northern part of the country, as the land mass narrows and the rugged coastline is all around. Along this exciting coast you will find several small islands and peninsulas to explore and natural wonders combined with rare and exciting wildlife. Bodø, and the surrounding area is no exception, in particular: Kjerringøy. Here you will get a glimpse of Northern Norway’s important history and culture combined with breath-taking nature. Find out about everything you can see when you visit Kjerringøy below.

From Trade to Attraction

On a western peninsula of the Nordland County you will find the small village called Kjerringøy. It is located a thirty minute drive from Bodø, one of Northern Norway’s largest towns. The area is renowned for its breath-taking scenery, which competes on a world class scale. Its beauty often appears as the backdrop of several Norwegian film and television productions. Kjerringøy was originally an old trading centre, primarily for fish and boats, a history which is clearly still evident today. From this period fifteen buildings remains, providing a good reflection of how this village would have stood as one of the richest trading areas in the country towards the end of the 18th century. For groups visiting this trading post with its rich heritage, guided tours are on offer. On your return to Bodø, visit Salten Museum, also known as Nordland Museum. Documenting the culture and history of Northern Norway, you can delve further into the past and how important the trading post of Kjerringøy was to the Bodø region.

Kjerringoy - North Norway aerial view

Rugged Sea and Mountains

The area is made up of rugged coasts ideal for fishing, and nature reserves teaming with many varieties of flora and fauna. Craggy mountains which appear to be shooting up straight out of the sea, provide evidence of its frozen glacial past. If you are keen to visit the mountains, Eidetinden, 1020m, is the highest peak on the peninsula. Described as an easy mountain walk in guide books, this accessible summit will give you spectacular views. For the more experienced climber, Strandåtinden, 862m, offers a stunning ridge traverse, although not recommended for the faint-hearted, climbing experience is required. These mountains are also spectacular sights to take in without actually ascending them. For a gentler stroll, the region is made up of many nature reserves and national parks. Traffic is not allowed, leaving visitors to be at one with this spectacular wilderness.

Living by the Sea

Life in Kjerringøy is focused around the sea. This means there is a culture of boating and fishing in the area, as well as pristine sandy white beaches, ideal for the long days during the mid-summer sun. Whether you take to the hills or water, you will not be short of activities to fill your time together with friends, family or colleagues. Also make sure you always keep your eyes open for the giants of the sky, the local sea eagles.

Experience Local Produce

To experience the fantastic culinary side of the peninsula, Markens Grøde and Kjerringøy Farm is worth a visit. At this local farm, guided group tours are available and you will get a great insight and learn of many great anecdotes of rural Norwegian life. Take a guided walk through the organic farm and watch the technique of cheese-making, bread being baked the local way, and how they cure meat, including Elk sausage. While staying at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Bodø, there is plenty to explore in the region. Make sure to include the charming peninsula of Kjerringøy on your list. You will return home with the sensation of what true rural life is like in Northern Norway. With the incredible scenery from pristine sandy beaches to rugged mountains emerging from the sea, get ready to be instantly captivated! If you haven't got enough of the beautiful view of Northern Norway, the breathtaking panoramic view from Top13 Bar and Lounge on the rooftop of the hotel is certainly going to complete your trip.

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