Bristol Biennial Festival this September

If you’re in Bristol’s stunning green parks this year between 12-21 September watch out for the Grass Men and other interactive arts instalments across the city.

Once again, the city is getting ready to be fully transformed into a cultural paradise as Bristol Biennial Festival of Art is being held for the second time. It is the perfect platform for local artists to network with national and international performers in their field. Similarly, it’s a great opportunity for art lovers to come to Bristol to experience the most engaging cultural weeks of the year. This year’s theme is ‘Crossing the Line’ which symbolises the concept of engagement and collaboration between artists and the public.

What’s on?

This September, over 40 artists will take over Bristol, interrupting public spaces and sparking conversations across the city. Bristol Biennial was held for the first time in 2012 as an initiative to present local artists, and at the same time to inspire public interaction with the arts community. Artworks and exhibitions will pop up all over the city in places where you least will expect it: parks, shopping centres, and on the streets. The festival will showcase everything from interactive exhibitions, moving sculptures, music concerts, and bizarre guided tours. In other words, Bristol Biennial has something for everyone.

If you are visiting one of Bristol’s parks such as St. Andrews or Northern Slopes, you better prepare yourself for an ancient ’Uprising of Grass Men’ made by the Sculptural Artist Ashley Peevor. Meanwhile, fountains throughout in the city centre will be turned into a temporary cranberry farms. Artists Hanna & Julia Rohn will make their contribution with a colourful intervention at Bristol’s harbour, highlighting the aesthetics and politics of mass food production.

Mysterious Bus Trip

Perhaps you would like would be keen for a bus trip to the unknown? In that case, look no further. Artist Ting-Tong Chang invites those who are interested on a tour which arrives from central Bristol and ends up at a mysterious location just outside of the city where you have to find your own way home.

The collaborative arts project, Sondryfolk, offers a mysterious multi-artistic exhibition which includes music, food, and drink. I’M STAYING by Shaun C Badham is his contribution to the event with an outstanding neon artwork, which has travelled since March from building to building down by the harbour. Bristol’s Folk House will host free party on Friday, 12 September, at 7 pm, to launch the Biennial celebrations.

The beginning of a great cultural tradition

This will be the second Bristol Biennial ever hosted. The first, arranged in 2012, resulted in 118 local, national and international artists who contributed to what was the start of a great cultural tradition. The first event received 10, 240 visitors in total. Visit the events website to find out more or for full programme details. All exhibitions and events can be reached from the Radisson Blu Hotel, Bristol located in the heart of the city centre.

Are you ready for one of the most exiting cultural happenings in Bristol this year?

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