Bristol tours with a difference

In a diverse city like Bristol there are plenty guided tours to choose from, but why not try something different? Here’s a list of some unusual tours guaranteed to keep you entertained and to show you another side of this charming city.

When visiting a new place it’s quite common to take part in a guided tour to learn something about the destination’s history, culture, architecture and so on. For those wanting to experience something a bit different we have gathered a few somewhat untraditional tours in Bristol. Take your pick.

Pirate walks

Join charismatic Pirate Pete for a fun and educational walk around town. You’ll hear about much of the same topics you would on a traditional sightseeing tour, but spiced up with a little extra, making it a nice experience for kids as well as grown ups. Learn about Bristol’s maritime history, with a special focus on discovery, slavery and, needless to say, piracy. Pirate Walks take place every Saturday and Sunday throughout the year. Remember to book your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment. Private tours are available at other times for groups of 10 or more at a time.

BBC Tours

The city is home to BBC Bristol, the regional television centre for the West of England. Learn to process of how television programmes are made, from script writing, production, editing and the final product as shown on screen. The BBC tours also tell you about the history and making of England’s radio shows. The opportunity is also present for exploring life as a weather presenter or radio show star. This is truly a different and interesting way of learning something about the city of Bristol and its culture.

Street art tour

Bristol pic 2

One of the things Bristol is most famous for is its array of amazing street art. Delve into international artistry and graffiti legends by attending the Wherethewall Street Art Tour. Supported by the Bristol street art community, it provides you with an insider’s view, including some of the best designs the city has to offer in this field. Including colourful graffiti, incredibly life-like paintings and political statements, this tour will surely stun you.

First Flight

See the city from a whole new angle – from above. Jump into the basket attached to a colourful hot air balloon and enjoy an unforgettable experience. First Flight takes you flying over the city of Bristol and the surrounding areas, providing unforgettable views. Bring warm clothes and footwear to ensure you are comfortable. Tours last for approximately 3 hours. This is an incredible experience for all, including families, but it is not recommended for kids under the age of 6 so that they are tall enough to see over the basket. Tickets for the balloon trips can be purchased in advance online.

Haunted and Hidden Bristol Walking Tour

If you’re up for a fright make sure not to miss Haunted and Hidden Bristol Walking Tour. The walk starts at 8pm every Friday night and takes you to a 16th century haunted house, several television and films locations, as well as Bristol’s famous haunted cinema. Recommended for those want a great mix of humour, excitement, historical facts and trivia. Pre-book your tickets and prepare for an entertaining walk like no other.

So which one of these interesting tours will you choose? Regardless of what you decide, it will be both a fun and memorable way to explore. Stay in the middle of the city centre with easy access to all that this diverse city has on its plate, at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Bristol.

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