Calendar of Yearly Events in Oman

Calendar of events in Oman


Visitors to the Sultanate of Oman will find that a range of fascinating events take place throughout the year. From firework festivals to camel races, there are plenty of unique celebrations to enjoy on a trip to Oman.

The Oman cultural calendar is filled with exciting things to see and do, like memorable festivals, a grand cycling tour, street celebrations and theatrical performances. The elegant Radisson Blu Hotel, Muscat, makes the perfect place to stay, whether you plan to visit Oman in summer or winter.

Spring Ahead

The calendar of yearly events in Oman kicks off in spring with the Cultural Theatre Program organised by the Ministry of Tourism. From December to March visitors can enjoy a series of cultural evening performances at Al Flayj Castle Theatre in Muscat and Al Morooj Theatre in Salalah.

Summer Celebrations

Summer in Muscat sees the start of Royal Opera Season, an important event in the Oman cultural calendar. The season lasts September to May, during which time the splendid Royal Opera House Muscat is host to international performances. Visitors can see dazzling opera, elegant ballet, popular musicals and master orchestras and soloists.

Visitors to Oman in the summer will be able to enjoy the annual Khareef Festival, or Salalah Tourism Festival. During the months of the Khareef (Monsoon) from June to September, the Khareef Festival in the city of Salalah has activities, concerts, special shopping and sports.

The Holy Month of Ramadan, which starts in Oman at the end of June 2014, is a special time in which Muslims fast from dawn to dusk, purify their mind and body and reaffirm their relationship with God. On Eid Al Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan, visitors to Oman will find the atmosphere filled with a celebratory mood and festivities to enjoy.

Autumn Festivities

On 18 November Oman celebrates National Day, which marks Oman independence as well as Sultan Qaboos bin Said's birthday on 19 November. Over the course of two days, Oman is busy with parades, camel races, fireworks and a festival atmosphere. The streets are decorated with flags and images of Sultan Qaboos bin Said on National Day, and many residents return to their home villages to celebrate.

Winter Wonders

Every year in January and February Oman holds the amazing Muscat Festival. Performers from around the world come to take part, and visitors can see dancing, acrobatics, magic, folklore, plays, theatre, and sport. There are also amazing art and craft activities which take place during the Muscat Festival, celebrating the cultural heritage, customs and traditions of the Omani people.

Another item in the calendar of yearly events in Oman which takes place in February is the Tour of Oman, which attracts big names from the world of cycling. The tour started in 2010 and has become a firm part of the annual cycling calendar as well as an important Oman event, with many stages centred around Muscat.

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