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Being locked in a themed room with hidden clues on how to break free is becoming increasingly popular as the “escape the room” craze spreads across cities in UK and Ireland. Here is a guide of the best and most challenging escape rooms you need to try when visiting London, Manchester, Glasgow, Letterkenny or Liverpool.

For those who have not yet tried this thrilling activity, an explanation might be needed, as this sounds like a rather strange thing to volunteer for. The idea behind escape rooms is to see how quickly you and your teammates can break out of a room using the hidden clues, your skills and rationale to find the final key. There is a time limit to add some pressure, which makes it even more exciting. What a perfect way to spend some quality time with friends, family or colleagues!

Once in the room, you can twist, turn, lift and analyse about anything in the room to find clues. One second you are looking for a key and the next you might have to use your best navigational skills to understand secret writing on the walls. It is a fun and challenging test that requires the individual skills of your whole group, as well as some amazing cooperating abilities to make sure nothing is overlooked or forgotten.

Each room has a theme, whether it be finding the cure for the ongoing zombie apocalypse or trying to understand who murdered Mrs. Jones. With authentically decorated rooms and plenty of surprises, this is an hour of fun you won’t forget. Below you’ll find a guide of some of the best Escape Rooms in some of UK & Ireland big cities so you can start practicing and set new break-out records.

ClueFinders, Liverpool

Opening door

ClueFinders is one of the best places to kill 60 minutes with your friends. They allow teams of three to five or ten, depending on which room your choose. The largest one, called “Remy’s Room”, takes you back to the 1940’s. Can your team help the police and the noble Dames find the missing spy before someone else does?

The second and hardest room is aptly named “The Tomb”. Here you follow the footsteps of explorer and archaeologist Ernest Peter Sanderson who disappeared 50 years ago during a quest for a mythical tomb. This tomb is said to contain an unfathomably large treasure – can you find it?

Unit 12, King Edward Industrial Estate, Gibraltar Row, Liverpool, L3 7HJ

Phone: 07716371682

Where to stay: Radisson Blu Hotel, Liverpool

Breakout Manchester

Crime scene markerThe most popular escape experience in Manchester is Breakout. You and a group of 2-5 people are given 60 minutes to escape the rooms, which have varying levels of difficulty. They have two venues with an impressive selection of 11 rooms and plenty of opportunities to test your problem-solving skills. Take on the role as a detective, spy, thief or hero or find yourself in a dramatic, old-fashion western adventure.

Breakout Town Hall: 14a Brazennose Street, Manchester, M2 6LW

Breakout High Street: 36 High Street, Manchester. M4 1QB

Phone: 0161 839 8012

Where to stay: Radisson Blu Hotel, Manchester Airport

Escape Glasgow

Medicine labWhy not opt in for a day of fun at Escape Glasgow, the city’s’ first live escape game. Two rooms await you as you embark on your quest for freedom in the “Glasgow Classic” room or try to save humanity from the gruesome CYE disease in the “Contagion” room. If you manage to create the correct cure for the disease, you must also find a way to get out of the room in this double-challenge. These rooms will most definitely test your intellect, logical sense and teamwork skills.

Baltic Chambers, 50 Wellington Street, Glasgow, G2 6HJ

Phone: 07584 047 234

Where to stay: Radisson Blu Hotel, Glasgow

The Old Courthouse, Letterkenny

William Perugini Abandoned jail“Jailbreak” is North-West Ireland’s very first escape room, located at the serene Old Courthouse. The plot takes place in actual dungeon cells below the courthouse, where you have to escape the premises after being wrongfully sentenced to death. Pair your adventures with a delicious three-course-meal and voilà, there is your perfect day.

The Old Courthouse, The Diamond, Lifford, Co.Donegal, Ireland

Phone: +353 74 9141733

 Where to stay: Radisson Blu Hotel, Letterkenny

HintHunt, London

Hands opening doorAn hour goes by super-fast in this 200 square-feet playground full of challenges, puzzles and hidden clues at HintHunt. Will you and your four chosen team members manage to solve these intricate problems within such a short timeframe? Aim to get your team photo up on the wall of fame and earn bragging rights and the Escape Master title, all in an hours’ work!

72-76 Eversholt Street, NW11BY London, UK

Where to stay: Radisson Blu Edwardian Grafton Hotel


This is a fantastic way to spend an extra hour in the company of friends, family or colleagues. No matter which city you are in the escape rooms prove to be a test of collaboration, smarts and creativity. After all the fun, find your way back to your Radisson accommodation to debrief and celebrate.



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