Making every meeting carbon-neutral with Radisson Meetings

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Radisson Hotel Group is proud to launch Radisson Meetings™, its new global meetings and events offering, being 100% carbon neutral through offsetting. Partnering up with First Climate , we’re contributing to fighting global warming and supporting the UN Sustainable Development goals. See below to learn more about how planning your meeting with Radisson Blu can also mean helping the environment at the same time.

Green meetings

An increasing number of businesses are concerned about fighting climate change and about reducing their carbon footprints. This includes when they plan meetings. We know that face-to-face meetings are crucial to business success. Research has shown they boost profitability. With Radisson Meetings' unique carbon offsetting, combined with a series of sustainable features, we ensure you're making your meeting as green and safe as possible.

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Carbon neutral meetings

Placing customer needs at the heart of its offer, Radisson Meetings is built on three core pillars: personal, professional and memorable. Helping our guests have successful meetings and events and help protect our environment by reducing their overall carbon footprint at the same time is at the core of how we see successful meetings. All Radisson Meetings are carbon neutral – we are the only hotel group worldwide to automatically offset any carbon footprint at no cost to our customers.

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Carbon Offsetting with First Climate

With the launch of Radisson Meetings, Radisson Hotel Group automatically offsets the carbon footprint of every meeting and event taking place at our hotels worldwide, at no cost to attendees or organizers. To do this, Radisson Hotel Group has teamed up with First Climate, one of the largest carbon offsetting organizations in the world.

So, how does it work? For each meeting, the carbon footprint is calculated and then offset through First Climate by supporting dedicated projects that combat climate change and have a positive sustainable development contribution on communities in Peru, Kenya, and India or invest in wind energy in Turkey and the USA. All selected projects are Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard certified.

“Sustainability is an important commitment from Radisson Hotel Group, and we are delighted to partner with First Climate on dedicated sustainability projects that will have a positive impact on communities around the world,” says Huijbrechts, Senior Global Vice President Responsible Business and Safety & Security. “We’re encouraging meeting planners to make sustainability come alive as part of their meeting or event, whether it’s through a city bicycle tour, local tree planting or a carbon neutral roadshow. For sustainability minded and environment friendly companies, Radisson Hotels should be the preferred choice for all meetings and events, as we jointly create opportunities to promote our shared values.”

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By offsetting carbon emissions from meetings and events taking place at Radisson Hotels and Resorts, Radisson Hotel Group demonstrates its commitment to a low carbon economy and makes a valuable contribution to climate change mitigation. By choosing to offset carbon emissions using high-quality Gold-Standard and Verified Carbon Standard projects, we're contributing to the generation of multiple co-benefits in the project regions that support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Furthermore, Radisson Meetings focus on ongoing efforts to minimize food waste and eliminate single-use plastics. Discover more about our Responsible Business actions and learn how you can get involved as a guest.

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