Christmas in Finland

Christmas in Finland. Christmas decoration, candle lights with Christmas tree and presents in the background.

In Finland, as almost everywhere, Christmas is all about food. In the weeks leading up to the annual holiday celebrations, Finns get ready for the biggest feast of the year!

Food frenzy in Finland in December

And what's even better: the food frenzy isn't limited to Christmas itself, instead it extends to the whole month of December. Both traditional and newer Christmas dishes are served during pre-Christmas parties throughout the month. Christmas in Finland is all about sitting down together around the table and enjoying only the very best foods with your favorite people.

Traditional dishes appear on the Christmas dining table year after year, with Casseroles being the center piece of Finnish Christmas cooking. Additionally there's special Christmas bread, Christmas pastries, Christmas cookies, Christmas ham, Christmas porridge, and more. The three most essential dishes on Finnish Christmas table are probably oven-baked ham, rutabaga casserole and mixed beetroot salad. Without the taste of these traditional dishes, there would be something missing in Finnish Christmas celebration.

Christmas Scene with traditional homemade Nordic Christmas Decorations. Warmth of the candles and fairy lights with white tree

Eat and party til you drop when you stay with Blu

A great way you can get a taste of Finnish Christmas delicacies is to enjoy a special Christmas lunch at one of the Radisson Blu Hotel restaurants: all of our eight hotels offer copious buffets with local and international specialties. The perfect way to thank your clients and employees for their good work, or share a nice moment with friends and family. And if you're a bit of a party animal, you must love December at Radisson Blu: the whole month we're hosting pre-Christmas parties organised by companies, families, or friends. It's a festive, fun and busy time at the hotel as people gather to celebrate the holidays in style with mulled wine, dinner, champagne and special events. But it's also the month of long taxi queues! To avoid those, sleep at the hotel after the party. We'll take good care of your possible hangover with our famed Super Breakfast!

Helsinki, Finland. Christmas Market With Christmas Tree On Senate Square In Sunset Sunrise Evening Illuminations

Experience Nordic Christmas together with Radisson Blu!

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