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Port Hamburg

Destinations and Starting Points for holidays

Northern German cities are all rich in culture due to their long lasting histories, which all date back to the medieval century. As important trading points, the cities became economic hubs during this time, and still are. Today well formed, contemporary architecture is building a bridge to the present while the cities did not lose any of their historic charm. This medieval flair combined with modern architecture distinguish their appearance.

Shopping, culture and nightlife are at least as popular as the wonderful beaches and untouched nature outside the cities. Hundreds of years of development in transport and infrastructure distinguishes those cities and makes them perfect as starting points for trips to every part in the world. Going on a cruise in one of the big ports or flying away from the Hamburg Airport – starting your journey in one of Germany’s northern cities is always worth it.


Beautiful beaches, medieval history and cruise ports at the coast

Lübeck and Rostock, both located directly at the Baltic Sea, are not just linked through their close distance. Both have wonderful brick gothic architecture, which is listed by UNESCO as world heritage sites. Here you can find some of the oldest building constructions of their kind.

Did you know that Rostock is the biggest port at the Baltic Sea regarding cruises? Cruises and ferries are starting from Rostock and Lübeck to all destinations at the Baltic Sea and to many interesting destinations all over the world.

Do you know those comfortable looking beach-chairs, which you don’t want to leave anymore after sitting down? Yes, exactly, those have their origins right at the beaches of Lübeck and Rostock. Here you can find some of the most beautiful and most famous German beaches: Warnemünde, Timendorf or Travemünde - to name just a few of them.

The Radisson Blu Hotels Rostock and Lübeck are located very central in both cities, which makes them the ideal starting point for exploring the town, shopping, a trip to the beach, or as an overnight stay before or after a cruise!

Amazing city trips, center of cultural life and starting point for travels to all over the world

Hamburg and Bremen also have an amazing cultural heritage. Bremen e.g. has much more to offer that the “Bremen Town Musicians” - the cultural range of attractions is huge. Especially during the summer month, there are endless events like the Kajenmarkt at the Schlachte. Have you ever had a “Beck’s”? You should visit this famous brewery!

With the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg is going to become Europeans Heart of music culture. An impressive building designed for acoustical delicacies and tremendous sounds. Nevertheless, Hamburg also became famous for its musical scene. Combine your stay in Hamburg with a visit of one of the countless Musicals or Shows all over the town. The Lion King e.g. is continuously presented in Hamburg since 2001 – something you shouldn’t miss!

Enjoy nightlife at the legendary Reeperbahn or go shopping to one of the countless malls and the individual small boutiques, which offer individual international style.

Over all the Hamburg Airport is easy to reach and hence the perfect start for you international journey. Parking space is directly available at the Airport and the Radisson Blu the perfect place to stay to secure that you don’t miss your next flight!

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