City Breaks for Foodie Families in Asia Pacific

Mala hotpot Chinese dish

For foodies, there can be no region as enticing and exciting as Asia Pacific. From sizzling street food stalls to the world’s finest restaurants, this captivating continent blends a rich culinary heritage with a spirit of innovation. Whichever city in the region you visit, a multitude of mouth-watering dishes await on every street corner, showcasing the culinary heart and soul of the destination. This is no place for fussy eaters - be adventurous and you will be rewarded!


With its roots in Sichuan’s famously fiery and flavourful cuisine, Chongqing’s food is laced with chili, ginger, pepper and garlic to enliven the taste buds. This western Chinese mega-city is the spiritual home of hotpot, and mala xiangguo is a fiercely spicy local version which is widely eaten throughout Chongqing. Simply pick your restaurant and dig in!

Mala hotpot Chinese dish Chongqing

Laziji, which translates as “spicy chicken”, is another must-try dish, consisting of marinated pieces of chicken stir-fried together with peppers and other local vegetables. Finally, mala xiaomian (Chongqing noodles) is real local favourite, served in a bubbling, peppery broth.

Laziji Chinese dish

Nestled between downtown Chongqing and Gele Mountain, the birthplace of laziji, Radisson Blu Hotel Chongqing Sha Ping Ba is a wonderful place to savour the region’s many culinary delights. At Quanhui, the hotel’s Chinese restaurant, expert chefs use local ingredients to create ancient recipes in an elegant setting.

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Delhi is an intoxicating culinary destination, full of heady flavours and aromas that are guaranteed to enthral every traveller. Visitors to India’s bustling capital city simply need to follow their senses to seek out the finest cuisine.

Curry is an Indian classic and one of the most popular versions in the capital is butter chicken; a creamy and fragrant dish that was born in Delhi. Another rich local dish is nihari - a deeply satisfying slow-cooked meat stew. These dishes should be soaked up with a paratha, the classic Indian flatbread which can also be stuffed and eaten as a standalone street food snack. Finally, no trip to Delhi would be complete without having tried chhole bhature, a combination of dishes eaten with fried bread, often for breakfast.

Located along the Delhi-Gurugram Expressway, Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport puts diners in the heart of the action with five F&D outlets offering a variety of cuisines – from the aromatic kababs, biryani and Indian breads at The Great Kabab Factory to a extensive buffet spread at the 24-hour NYC restaurant. Or, head out and discover the most popular culinary hotspots frequented by local office workers.

NYC Restaurant at Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport

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Sydney is a cultural melting pot where international influences combine to create an amazing array of culinary experiences. The city is famous for its fresh, organic produce, which is showcased at a wide range of farmer’s markets and food trucks.

But which dishes should visitors try if they want to enjoy a true taste of Sydney-side culture? Arguably, Australia’s favourite dish is meal pie; hot, rich and hearty, this steaming snack is sure to satisfy any appetite. Alternatively, what could be more iconic than fish and chips by Bondi Beach, or grilled snags (sausages) and shrimps straight from the barbie? For guests with a sweet tooth, the Lamington is Australia’s national cake.

With its classical façade and perfect downtown location, Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney reflects the city’s heritage and offers easy access to Sydney’s gastronomic attractions. The hotel’s award-winning Bentley Restaurant & Bar reflects the modern face of Australian cuisine.

Bar Lounge at Radisson Blu Sydney

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