A city with a green soul – Ljubljana

European Green Capital 2016

Ljubljana is a city that surprises and exceeds expectations. It is small by surface area, but huge in terms of hospitality and quality of life. Numerous changes have happened in a short period. This is one of the reasons Ljubljana has become European Green Capital 2016.

From being a city which was previously dominated by car transport, the focus is now on public transport and on pedestrian as well as cycling networks. All of Ljubljana’s compact core is now essentially car-free. Only the electric taxi service Kavilir offers the elderly, disabled or mothers with children free rides around the city. Ljubljana’s successful fight against traffic is one reason the European Commission named the city European Green Capital for 2016.

Transportation Ljubljana © RossHelen / shutterstock.com

Zero Waste Strategy

It’s not just transportation that is getting an overhaul in Ljubljana. The city recycles almost two-thirds of its waste and is the first of the EU capitals that have committed themselves to pursuing a zero waste objective. The latest innovation in the city center is a system of collection points that stores waste underground until it can be picked up. 53 underground collection units for paper, glass and packaging have already been installed in the city centre. Another 40 are planned in the next couple of years.

Did you know?

Ljubljana has already exceeded the EU's recycling targets for 2020 by 10%!

Ljubljana becomes even greener

The city’s characteristic green spaces are also getting a fresh look with the help of civic groups and associations. The urban green measures include the planting of more than 2,000 trees, the building of five new parks and revitalization areas at the River Sava. Since the green approach started, the city features 80 hectares of newly maintained green spaces. The Slovenian city even declared 1,400 ha of the territory as forest of special purpose in being valuable as a CO2 sink in 2010.

Did you know?

Ljubljana has 542 square metres of public green space per resident!

Greener Ljubljana

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In touch with nature

Also the offer for tourists is diverse, including green and natural experiences such as bike tours, a journey on a SUP board or even a guided segway tour to the city's most beautiful park, Tivoli. The favorite local experiences are the Library under the Treetops, socialising on the banks of the Ljubljanica, recreation on Rožnik or hiking on Šmarna gora. Also outside of the city, you can enjoy the nature, as Slovenia is a country of extraordinary natural diversity.

Did you know?

Experts have counted 161 bird species in Ljubljana, of which 86 are Red List threatened species. The Tivoli Park is home to most of those birds!

Tivoli Park Ljubljana© Anastasios71 / shutterstock.com

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