Cologne: City For The Senses

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On a trip to Cologne visitors can indulge themselves in the sights, smells and tastes unique to this vibrant German city, especially perfume, beer and chocolate.


Kölsch is both the name for the regional dialect and a famous Cologne beer. In 1986 the Kölsch breweries came together and signed the ‘Kölsch Convention’, declaring it to be both a beer type and origin. The light beer, only brewed in Cologne and the area, is made in line with the German Purity Law of 1516.

Cologne is the best place in the world to taste Kölsch, and the city has a large number of breweries and pubs offering the beverage.

You can find out more about Kölsch with a guided walking tour through Cologne's Old Town and brewery taverns with the Cologne Tourist Board. Although there are many pubs and taverns which serve the famous Cologne beer, a visit to iconic Früh am Dom is a must on a trip to Cologne. Try some famous Früh Kölsch served with authentic German pub fare, such as bratwurst, pork knuckle or a giant pretzel.

things to do in Cologne - view to buildings in the old city of Cologne, Germany.

Eau de Cologne

The world’s original Eau de Cologne was invented in the 18th century by Johann Maria Farina in his Cologne home.

Indulge your sense of smell by visiting the Cologne Fragrance Museum in Farina House, the birthplace of his legendary fragrances.

Over 300 years of history are on offer for visitors to explore in a tour through this popular Cologne museum. Visit the original cellar vaults where Farina produced his famous scents. Smell varied perfumes in the Fragrances Chamber. Soak in beautiful art and décor of the house and visit a replica perfume distillery.

The original Eau de Cologne is still produced today by the eighth generation of the Farina family, and can be purchased at the museum.

things to do in Cologne - a bird view to the city of Cologne, buildings and a view to Rhein river.Chocolate

No trip to Cologne would be complete without experiencing the most popular museum in the city, which gives an exciting look at 3,000 years of chocolate.

Founded over 20 years ago, the Cologne Chocolate Museum is situated in an impressive sculpture of glass and metal on the banks of the river Rhine. Browse exhibits covering the history of chocolate production, from the Aztecs to the Baroque era, and modern chocolate refinement and industry.

Your tour of the museum will let you taste samples of mouth-watering chocolate, but make sure you visit the speciality shop in the Cologne Chocolate Museum too. Pick up sweet treats to take home with you from an enticing range of chocolates, including special chocolate Kölsch bottles.

There are other sweet chocolate treats to enjoy in Cologne. Look out for the speciality tarts, cakes and chocolates at Törtchen Törtchen, traditional gingerbread cookies with chocolate toppings at Printen Schmitz, and sweet delicacies at Madame Miammiam.

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