Cologne: The City´s Best Photo Hot Spots

Radisson Blu Hotel Cologne

The Cologne Cathedral and the Hohenzollern Bridge (including its love locks) are widely known and loved - yet this city has a lot more to offer in terms of iconic photo motives. We have summarized the most “Instagram-worthy” locations for you so that you can get to know Cologne from a whole new angle next time you visit. Your creativity is sure to be awoken! Grab your camera and discover stylish details and colorful façades!

The “Stapelhäuser” in the Old Town

The old town has always been a particularly lively area where life, work, culture and tourism have mixed. The Stapelhäuser (based on the Staple right of 1259) and the numerous little alleys resemble the active life in medieval times. Today, especially the colorful Stapelhäuser along the fish market are a great place for photography lovers.

Stapelhaeuser Cologne

Schloss Augustusburg [Augustusburg Castle]

The imposing rococo masterpiece is also known as Brühl Castle and is a real must for all admirers of history and great architecture! The castle was built on the ruins of a medieval moated castle in the 18th century and has become a true work of art through the influences of various architects and artists. The baroque garden is known to be one of the most authentic ones of the 18th century. Grab your camera and let yourself be inspired by this estate’s elegance!

Schloss Augustusburg Cologne


The Trankgasse itself might seem very grim at first glance, however, the tunnel, that connects the banks of the Rhine with the central train station, lights up every night in a striking turquoise. The project behind this is called “Licht gegen Angstträume” [Light against Nightmares] provided by the energy supplier RheinEnergie. The LED spotlights are meant to emphasize the special steel construction and steel rivets. In any case, this is a great concept for great photos.

Trankgasse Cologne

Köln Triangle [Cologne Triangle]

This office building opened in 2005. With its height of over 100 meters, it offers an ideal view over the Cologne skyline. The great view itself allows for beautiful pictures, or you can use it as a backdrop for great portraits or souvenir selfies. The all-round view over Cologne is especially wonderful at sunset, but beware: The glass planes, that surround the terrace, reflect cameras and people.

Radisson Blu Hotel

If you want to unwind and recharge your camera batteries after a long day filled with many impressions, then the Radisson Blu Hotel in Cologne is the place to be. Its central location in the historic city center is the ideal basis for discovery tours around the city. The rooms are inspired by the “Feng Shui” style of furnishing and offer an incomparable overnight experience. It’s quite possible that you won’t be able to leave your camera in your bag here either - there are extraordinary elements wherever you look that are sure to make your stay an unforgettable one!

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