Driving Passions: Creating the Ultimate Hotel Suite

Radisson Royal Maybach Suite

It’s a marriage made in design and comfort heaven: the coming together of iconic Mercedes-Benz and the legendary Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow…Imagine the world’s most stylishly sumptuous car interior - where the streamlined surfaces gently reflect the light; the chair is ergonomic perfection; the floor covering has the shimmer of seawater; where your favorite music surrounds you like air. Make just the tiniest movement to miraculously change everything around you - sensations, light and sound.  It’s a space SO amazing, you don’t want the journey to ever end.

Then translate this amazing vision into a hotel suite: that gives you the thinking behind an amazing collaboration between the The Radisson Royal Moscow and their long term automotive partner, Mercedes-Benz. Both world-leading brands share a passion for creating the most sumptuous, brilliantly designed spaces - where people actually want to spend time. Both are devoted to fabulous functionality. Now, working together to combine their expertise, style and sophistication, they have created the unique Maybach Suite - named after the Mercedes top model, offering world-class modern hospitality in its opulent best! Explore the wonders of the Maybach Suite below.

Custom Designed Comfort

The spectacular 170-meter suite has a minimalistic color scheme with comfortable zoning, creating an impression of space - flowing through from the entrance hall to the living room, the dressing room, the impressive bedroom and bathroom - complete with Jacuzzi and wonderful views of the White House. Special design touches include treated walnut veneer and stylish, uncomplicated furniture with a pleasing functionality. The use of reflective surfaces visually enlarges the space, while super-thick pile carpeting offers optimum comfort and noise insulation.

Radisson Royal Maybach Suite living area

Top Gear

The high tech Maybach Suite has a brilliant home theater and three zones of audio multi-room, enabling you connect your mobile devices via Airplay and enjoy your favorite playlist. Stay glued to your BURG&GLASS TV’s in the bedroom, living room - and inside the mirror by the Jacuzzi. Two smart consoles help you choose from four lighting options: welcoming, gallery, cocktail… and party! The suite’s unique atmosphere is created by the use of Mercedes branded posters, albums, car models and projections of logos - plus the amazing Maybach bar that mirrors the car’s classy chassis.

Style & Trend Setting

"We are very proud that one of the most luxury suites of the Radisson Royal hotel will be named Maybach Suite because this is exactly what our brand Mercedes-Maybach stands for: for the ultimate edge of modern luxury and exclusivity! Our Mercedes-Maybach is the most successful car in the luxury car segment in Russia and Russia is also one of the biggest markets for our Maybach cars worldwide. So putting this into one sentence: Russian top customers love our Mercedes-Maybach cars and they will love the Maybach Suite!" says Jan Madeja, CEO and President of Mercedes-Benz RUS.

Mercedes toy car

And this innovative collaboration looks set to start a new hotel trend, according to Stanislav Kondov, General Manager of Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow: “The Maybach Suite is a dream of new luxury, created by two legendary brands: a symbiosis of values beyond time and progress, inherited traditions and innovations. I am sure that this special partnership between the Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow and Mercedes-Benz will develop a whole new trend in the art of hospitality. Book your stay today - and be one of the first to experience the ultimate in-suite journey.”

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