Creative Cocktails from the Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel, Prague

Does anything beat a perfectly chilled cocktail in the heat of summer? Maybe two cocktails. One for each hand.

PRGZH - Be Bop Bar (venue)

The Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel, Prague, already renowned for its award-winning restaurant, decided to turn its magic touch to the drink world as well. The hotel’s Be Bop Bar is rapidly becoming the place to be in Prague. “Best cocktails ever”, “Cocktail experience you won’t forget”, “Best bar in Prague” or “magical” is what you can read all over TripAdvisor.

Scroll down to get a taste of seven creative cocktails, created specifically for the Be Bop Bar.

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1. Be Healthy

Be Healthy

An apple a day may keep the doctor away…but we’re guessing this cocktail tastes a lot better. For a drink that’s made to nurse you back to health try this cocktail made with bourbon, Campari, honey, cranberry juice and a syringe of cherry juice. Now that’s medicine anyone can swallow.

2. Be Nemo’d 

Be a Nemo´d

After one sip, we doubt you’ll have to spend much time looking for Nemo – other than glancing down at the bottom of your glass. Or should we say bowl? This refreshing summer cocktail includes vodka, lime cordial, cucumber, dill and Perrier.

3. Be Classic


Nobody knows a good drink better than a writer. Inspired by the famous Czech writer Alois Jirásek, we think this cocktail served inside a lantern and including Becherovka, gin, linden tea, honey and celery bitters is the perfect tribute to one of the Czech Republic’s most visionary novelists and patriots.

4. Be On The Green

BE ON THE GREEN_profi, low

Your golf game may not be up to par, but the delicious Be On The Green certainly is. This bold cocktail includes Zubrowka vodka, lemon juice and pear jam to ensure that you’re evening is a ‘hole in one’.

5. Be Fresh

BE FRESH_profi, low 

The Be Fresh may look like a glass of cold and creamy milk, but we’d advise keeping this cocktail all to your (adult) self. This cocktail uses gin infused Jasmin tea, fresh lemon juice, fresh lime juice, sugar syrup, milk, cream and egg whites to create what we believe is the most perfect after-dinner drink ever.

6. Be Unconventional

Be Unconventional

Part spectacle, part cocktail – the Be Unconventional is all delicious. Carefully crafted with grapefruit vodka, Aperol, fresh lemon and elderflower cordial; this drink is sure to make you stand out in a crowd.

7. Be Bohemian


Be a true Bohemian and try this satisfying cocktail made with the traditional herbal liqueur Becherovka, honey, apple juice and aromatic bitters. Don’t forget to say “NA ZDRAVÍ” (pronounced Naz-drah-vi) to really fit in with the locals.

Looking for more mouth-watering treats? Scroll through the gallery below.

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