Creative Coffee Breaks with Blu

“As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?”


Whether you agree with Cassandra Clare or not, everyone needs a coffee break now and again to help them relax and refocus - especially at work or a meeting. So the team at Radisson Blu in Central Europe thought, “Why not make them a little more interesting?”

Scroll down to experience some of the trendy twists Radisson Blu in Central Europe offers its business guests.

Addictive Apple

This ‘Flexitarian’ themed coffee break ‘Addictive Apple’ offers a balanced diet paired with full veggie flavor. From apple crumble to freshly made apple-carrot smoothie; Stay healthy and remember: “an apple a day keeps the doctor away!”

Chic Cinnamon

Home-style cooking and regional cuisine characterize our ‘Land + Place’ inspired coffee breaks. Our chefs re-interpret traditional recipes with a modern twist. How about kofta on cinnamon sticks or delicious cinnamon donuts? Bring native flavors to your meeting with our cinnamon themed coffee break.

Cheerful Chocolate

Feed your soul with this ‘Tasty Mood’ themed coffee break! From Nutella chili toast sandwiches, to velvety banana smoothies, all the goodies chosen for this coffee break are an ode to everyone’s favorite treat – chocolate. Scroll through the gallery below to see all the chocolatey goodness.

Green Galore

For a coffee break that really packs in the flavor as well as nutrients, you must try the Eco Green ‘Wild Sensation’ inspired option. Wheat grass and honey smoothies pair perfectly with spice dusted free range chicken and guacamole wraps. See more green powered snacks below!

Think these coffee breaks are just what your team needs for their next meeting or event? Or maybe you’re interesting in learning more about the fabulous array of delicious and modern food options we can offer your next meeting? Check out our Food Trends page to see all of the latest trends we’re incorporating for our meeting and events food.

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