Daydreaming: Great for Creativity, Bad for Productivity



Have you ever caught yourself drifting off while reading something, only to be surprised by the amount of information that you just skimmed over? Or, have you ever unintentionally let your mind wander during a meeting, only to quickly realize that you have not heard anything that was said in the several past minutes? While this action is great for sparking creativity, it can kill productivity. Here are some tips for keeping your audience’s – and own - focus during a business meeting!

Structure, logic and Audio Visual presentations

You have undoubtedly heard about the importance of “a common thread” and why it is essential when trying to articulate an argument. Well, a common thread is also highly important when it comes to keeping yourself - or your audience - from daydreaming. Think back to the last time you lost focus during a meeting, chances are that it happened because the information was presented in an irrelevant or confusing manner. Therefore, if you are going to present something during a meeting, make sure your presentation is based on a common thread and follows a logical structure.

Tip: use audio visual presentations if you want your audience to remember your points.

The art of single-tasking

The audience, not only the presenter, is responsible for maintaining a certain level of concentration during a meeting. So, when you are listening to someone in a meeting, focus on being present in the moment. After all, do you really need to check the 5 unread emails in your inbox, update that Excel-file, or check your notifications from Facebook? We have all become so used to multi-tasking and getting notifications 24/7 that we have a hard time devote our attention to only one thing at a time.

Tip: put your cell-phone on flight mode, bring a note pad (and use it!), maintain eye contact with the presenter, and ask clarifying questions to in order to keep yourself from drifting off during a presentation.

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Bye bye, croissants – Hello, Brain Food

Everyone can agree that coffee is important – a necessity even – in any meeting. But what about the type of food served with the coffee? For morning meetings, croissants, doughnuts and other sugary variants are very popular, but do you know how these foods affect your productivity? Well, instead of highlighting why these sugar-coated and buttered delights are bad for you, let’s just say that you can boost your concentration and increase your brain power by up to 20% by eating the right foods – and croissants do not make the cut! Enter: Brain food. These specific types of food are known to increase productivity, focus, energy and overall brain power. These superfoods are rich in either protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants or complex carbohydrates. Typically, these elements can be found in berries, oily fish, whole grain products, nuts, leafy green vegetables and red root vegetables. Sound complicated? It does not have to be! Simply snacking on nuts and berries instead of chocolate and sweets during meetings and opting for a fiber-rich lunch can keep your blood sugar stable throughout the day.

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Ergonomics – concentration is only possible if you are comfortable

All of the advice above will get you nowhere if you are uncomfortable. Sitting through a long meeting in an uncomfortable chair can make even the most interesting meetings unpleasant. Simply put, if you are focusing on your posture, you will not be able to focus on the actual meeting. Make sure to have adjustable, comfortable chairs available - especially during long meetings.

Also, consider taking a quick walk outside during a break to catch some fresh air and stretch your legs – this will help you concentrate better.

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Now that we have covered what you can do to keep yourself and your audience focused during a meeting, let’s talk about the meeting facilities. Make sure to choose a meeting room that enables focus, stimulates creativity and provides comfort to help make your meeting successful. All Radisson Blu hotels that feature Radisson Meetings, offer innovative meeting rooms, which come with natural daylight and comfortable meeting furniture, as well as the latest technical equipment. In addition, our innovative selection of superfood menu options are always available to help you keep your focus and energy throughout the day.

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Want to get the creativity flowing during your meeting? Consider trying the Radisson Blu Brain Box – a break-out room designed to let your creativity run free. These flexible spaces feature bright colors, markers in various colors, the newest technical equipment and walls that you can write on. You can try the Brain Box at our hotels in Berlin, Frankfurt, and Cologne. Did we mention that all of our meeting rooms come with complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi?


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