Design According to Rose Anderson

What makes a certain design ‘great’?

That question can be surprisingly difficult to answer, so we decided to go to the professionals for some answers. We asked the five members on the jury of our ‘Design Your Own Icon’ competition to help us break down what exactly takes a design from ‘good’ to ‘great’.

We’ve come to the end of this design series with an interview from the last member on our jury Rose Anderson – our very own Vice President on Branding! Since July 2012, Rose has been working for Carlson in US as the Vice President Branding, Radisson Blu, Radisson Red and Radisson Collection. Being responsible for the look and feel of three international hotel brands is certain to give Rose a keen and critical eye when judging in our competition.


Read on to discover Rose’s thoughts on what elements truly encapsulate “great design”.

What do you believe are the hallmarks of great design?

As it relates to interiors and furnishings, there are three essential hallmarks to great design: aesthetic, form and function. If one of the three is not achieved, then great design is lost as it is the combination of all three which creates great design.



What are the elements of great design?

There is a long list of elements or components to great design, from line, size and color, to harmony, scale, rhythm, context… the list goes on. Having said that, what makes a design “great” is when all of these elements come together with purpose and deliver impeccably on the aesthetic, form and function.



What first attracts you when looking at a piece of furniture? 

The overall aesthetic initially attracts or detracts me, but again the aesthetic is created by many features such as shape, line, color, etc.



What role does color play in furniture design? What is the importance of color selection in furniture design?

Color is one of the most obvious and critical elements of design as it creates the “mood” of the piece, tells a story about the piece and shares an emotion. Each color has its own meaning and so color, in combination with a pattern, will further define that meaning even more. Color and the influence it has is extremely powerful.


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