Design & architecture: Radisson Blu towers around the world

Radisson Blu Lyon, located in the city’s sky-high Tour Part-Dieu, is reopening its doors on 1 October. What a great occasion to shine a light on iconic Radisson Blu towers all around the globe, veritable architectural gems that provide some of the most stunning views you can find. Enjoy!


Aqua Tower, Chicago

Chicago, a city adored by architecture lovers, boasts one of the most famous skylines in the world. Since 2010 the so-called Aqua Tower is part of it, a beautiful 250-meter tall building with an iconic design that’s been inspired by the characteristics of terrestrial topography: the tower was imagined as a vertical landscape made up of hills, valleys, and pools. Radisson Blu occupies 18 floors of the award-winning skyscraper, which also hosts one of the city’s largest green roofs. A standout feature are its gorgeous wave-like balconies floating all around the building.




Tour Part-Dieu, Lyon

Radisson Blu Lyon, reopening later this year on 1 October, occupies the top ten floors of the Tour Part-Dieu, a true Lyon landmark of 164 meters. Most locals though know it under the name “Le Crayon” (“The Pencil”) referring to its pencil-like look, achieved through a cylindrical shape topped by a 23-metre high pyramid. If you book a room at Radisson Blu Lyon, gorgeous panoramic views over the city are guaranteed: every single room, the bar, the restaurant, and even the meeting rooms offer breathtaking outlooks over Lyon, sometimes even all the way to the Alps. 


Incity and Part Dieu Tower at Lyon city, France


Radisson Royal, Moscow

Moscow’s Radisson Royal Hotel, widely known under its original name Hotel Ukrainia, is not only an eye-catching architectural beauty, but also a cultural and historical landmark. It was commissioned by Stalin as part of his “Seven Sisters” skyscraper project, and inaugurated in 1957. With 198 meters it is also the highest hotel in Europe. On top of the building there is an observation deck offering stunning views over the Russian capital. Fun facts: the building was featured on a Russian stamp, and appeared in the movie “The Russia House” with Sean Connery. Plus, it’s a fascinating destination for all art aficionados, as it hosts more than 1000 artworks by major Russian artists.





Oslo Plaza

With 37 floors and a height of 117 meters, the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel in Oslo, built in 1989, is the highest building in the whole of Norway. It is covered with 16,000 square meters of mirror glass: that’s more than two football fields! To admire the gorgeous views over the city, stop by the 34 Restaurant & Bar, located on the 34th floor of the iconic building. And by the way, already the journey to get there is quite an experience: guests can travel up with an external glass elevator.





Holloway Circus Tower, Birmingham

Radisson Blu Birmingham is located in the tallest occupied building of the entire city. It was built in 2006, is 130 meters high, and scored 8th place in the 2006 Emporis Skyscraper Awards. Holloway Circus also hosted the very first vertical race in the city: the participating runners had to race up the 658 steps of the tower (39 floors!). The winner made it to the top in exactly 5 minutes and 19 seconds, in case you want to try to beat the record.



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