An architectural dream come true in Gothenburg


Lindholmen, a centrally located islet in Gothenburg, has become one of the most expanding areas in Sweden, home to some 400 companies and offering a contemporary lifestyle to anyone living or visiting the area. The history is as interesting as is the future plans for this place. In 2013, the Radisson Blu Riverside opened and soon became the talk of the town. With its fascinating façade and its eclectic, warm and welcoming interior design, it stands out from anything else. Here's a glimpse of the story behind how the hotel has captured the heart of the design world.


© Kasper Dudzik

Like any hotel, it’s what’s inside that really matters. The 'Yes I Can' attitude of the staff is what makes you want to come back as soon as you leave. However, this time we're giving you a story about blue prints and architectural masterminds, the creativity and ingenuity that make up the framework so to speak of this remarkable place.

In Gothenburg, when Radisson Blu Riverside was prospected at the islet of Lindholmen, various design firms worked in close collaboration in order to complete what was to become one of the most fascinating hotels in Sweden. The Doos architects (known for their boutique hotel style) created the rooms, the spa area and the conference facilities. The Stylt Trampoli (multiple design award winners) designed the Cuckoo’s Nest Restaurant and Bar (which has actually won several international design awards) and the Reflex Architects drew the building itself with the stunning façade of the hotel.

The Reflex Architects' intention was to design a modern looking building using materials that made the building look spectacular in its design expression but also which allowed it to seamlessly melt into its environment. The history of the area unsurprisingly ended up being used for inspiration, like a look-book to boost creativity. The Lindholmen was formerly a shipbuilding yard, and the connection to the sea is still one of the area's most distinguishing factors. So, sea life seemed like the most fitting symbol and guiding theme for the design.

The result was a façade made out of aluminum panels treated in various ways, and tinted windows, making both the windows and the panels form a fascinating pattern reflecting the light and tones of the sky.  It's easy to see how the designers drew inspiration from the scales of a fish. Due to its reflective capacities, the façade changes expression from one day to another or even from one hour to the next.


© Kasper Dudzik

It’s simply dreamlike! Just like the rest of the hotel. Book your stay at the Radisson Blu Riverside hotel to see the magic for yourself.

Top image © Kasper Dudzik

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