Top 5 Trendy Design Spots in Berlin

Berlin is definitely the one city where you can find an amalgamation of all the styles of architecture and design. On your next trip to this bustling and vibrant city, make sure to stop by one of these unique architectural gems, where art, whimsical imagination and history all combine to give you one of the best design destinations in Europe. Read on to discover the top 5 design hot spots in Berlin and get ready to take some very artistic pictures.

1. Boros Collection

Once a bunker, this modern art gallery has seen it all - war, imprisonment, night life and dancing, and now is a hub of Berlin's finest pieces of artwork. Set in the Mitte district of Berlin, Boros Collection was built in 1943 as a shelter for civilians during the Second World War, after which it became a prison. Years later, after the fall of the Berlin Wall that separated the east and west districts of the city, this building became a techno nightclub, an increasingly popular trend in 90's Berlin. Eventually, a German art collector by the name of Christian Boros acquired the building and opened its doors to the public to showcase his collection of modern art, mainly consisting of artwork previously created in Berlin. This museum is just 20 minutes by foot from the Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin, so you can enjoy a nice stroll down the Spree river before gazing at the vast collection of art. A good tip when visiting this museum is to make sure you check their website before hand, so you book your visit.

Boros Collection Museum - Berlin

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2. Bauhaus Archives Museum

The Bauhaus started it all. Founded in 1919 by Walter Gropius, he solidified the idea that architectural form follows function, which consequently revolutionized the design scene in Berlin. The Hufeisensiedlung Britz, or Horseshoe Estate was designed by Bruno Taut, former Bauhaus architect. Together with 4 other Bauhaus creations, they are part of the Berlin Modernism Housing Estates, a UNESCO World Heritage Center. The Bauhaus Archives Museum in Berlin displays furniture, photographs, ceramics and many more in its collection, all that have been created by the design leaders of Bauhaus itself. In fact, this museum looks like a space-age building, and will very much transport you to a different time as soon as you step in. As 2019 marks the 100-year anniversary of the creation of Bauhaus, the government has injected almost $32 million to build a new museum dedicated to Bauhaus. Therefore, the original museum is currently closed, so head over to the temporary Bauhaus museum while we wait for the big reveal!

Bauhaus museum Berlin

3. Bikini Berlin

Ever thought you could sip on a cocktail while watching monkeys swing around on trees and vines? At Bikini Berlin, you are literally right beside the historic Zoo Berlin. This concept mall in the west end of the city is where avid shoppers can find niche brands instead of the usual mainstream brands. Head up to the Monkey Bar where the real view awaits!

Bikini Berlin - monkey bar

© Georg Brutalis / Flickr

4. Illuminated

When touring the design hot spots of Berlin, we thought who better to give us a hand in identifying the top spots than a seasoned architecture photographer! Mitchel Van Eijk took us on a tour with Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin during his stay and came across this fascinating building on the corner of Charlottenstraße and Schützenstraße. Although it is simply a residential building, it is the architectural aspect that draws people to take so many photos of it. Mitchel was particularly inspired by the way the light hits the top of the building which shines upon the jagged edges of the balconies. This spot is just a corner away from Checkpoint Charlie, one of the most visited historical attractions in Berlin. Once you've visited the famed crossing point between east and west Berlin, take a walk to this modern structure and sip a coffee at Café-Bistro Les Amis, housed on the ground floor.


5. Hamburger Bahnhof

Although you would think this is just a unique burger restaurant, it is, in fact, a contemporary art museum set in Berlin's former central train station. Housing some of the art pieces from the world's greatest artists, Hamburger Bahnhof is where you get a chance to see the true contemporary art scene all in one space. Interestingly, most of the artworks in the museum were once donated by Berlin business tycoon, Erich Marx.

Hamburger Bahnhof - Berlin

A day of museum and art touring calls for an even more stylish place to stay. Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin is located right by the Spree river, with an immaculate view of the Berliner Dom, and not to mention, you are also right in the heart of the city's popular hubs such as Alexanderplatz and Museum Island. With 427 rooms to choose from, you're spoiled for choice and comfort, ready to hit the art scene the next day. If you're looking to take some fantastic pictures of these design icons, then make sure you check out these other top Instagram worth spots in Berlin!

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