Design talks: Wine and design at the Radisson Blu Paris Boulogne

new lobby of radisson blu paris boulogne with wine colours

Would you have ever imagined a vineyard just a few metro stations away from the Eiffel tower? We promise it's true, and you can see it for yourself from the patio of our newly renovated Radisson Blu Hotel Paris Boulogne. Around the vineyard, the lobby and rooms of the hotel have been re-designed. We've met with the designers to learn more about the project.

vineyard radisson blu boulogne paris

Wine as inspiration

The vineyard, and wine in general, were sources of inspiration for Silvia Laquerbe, the architect in charge of the renovation of the hotel lobby and rooms. Despite the vicinity of Paris and multiple cultural attractions, the hotel provides a totally new experience. Laquerbe and her agency Parallell have in fact chosen to echo the wine theme using two main materials: cork and copper. Cork because it relates to the wine bottle and copper because it's the color of autumn.

  • Cork has been used for some pieces of furniture in the lobby, the name of the meeting rooms, but the most innovative idea was to use it as a carpet for the rooms! The result is a splendid surprise: the material is warm and comfortable to the touch, it gives the room a modern design and, last but not least, it absorbs noise and creates a very peaceful atmosphere in the rooms.


    • On the other side copper has been used for monumental artwork, exclusively conceived for the hotel: a copper canopy. This canopy is suspended in the hotel lobby and is made of thousands of copper sheets that can move freely move in the air. This brings the lobby alive as the daylight is multiplied and the artwork moves continuously. Copper, and particularly its color, also inspired the rooms' design: mirrors over the bed, the tv screen frame, and some seats are in that particular tone of coppery orange.

The association of materials and colors create a unique atmosphere inside the hotel. But the most striking is the contrast between the hotel's geographical location and the feeling of peace and serenity it provides as soon as you step in. Let the energy of the copper canopy and the tranquility of the vineyard relax you after a day of exploring Paris' busy streets. Another renovation not to miss in France is the new rooftop restaurant Nice, read more about their inspiration here.


Check out our interview with Silvia Laquerre and learn more about the inspiration behind this amazing achievement on our Design Talks page.

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