How digital technology can improve business meetings

Digital Technology


Did you know that people lose up to 22 minutes a day, or 2 full work weeks every year, responding to technical issues? Nothing is more frustrating during an already busy workday than having internet connection issues, failing technical equipment or other technical problems that keep you from doing your job. If you have ever had to give a presentation, you have likely already encountered a number of technical issues, such as: missing adapters and cables, missing audio, and trouble connecting to the internet. In these instances, technology can seem like more of a hindrance than an enabler - but it does not have to be.

89 percent of people believe that new technologies will improve the way we conduct business meetings in the future. Have you heard of Virtual Reality (VR) technology? This might be one example of the type of technology that could improve productivity in meetings, by allowing participants to “appear” in meetings that are taking place on the other side of the world.

Sounds too sci-fi for you? Here are some ways technology, which is already universally available, can improve the quality of your meeting and how to avoid having technical issues.

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Retire your old USB stick and join the Cloud

Where do you usually store your presentation before going to an external presentation? A USB stick? If so, you are not the only one. Before cloud solutions were introduced, storing your documents on a USB stick was both convenient, due to its size, and easy, as almost all devices used for presentations have a USB-port. However, USB sticks are not the safest way to store your information. They can (and will most likely at some point) get lost, be altered, stolen or break, which is not very handy if any of these situations occur on your way to a presentation. By storing your files on a cloud-based solution, you can avoid most of these issues. This way of storing your documents is not only safer and faster, but also allows you to access your files from a range of devices. Furthermore, you do not have to deal with any cable. All you need to access your files stored in the cloud is an internet connection. All Radisson Blu hotels offer complimentary, high-speed Wi-Fi, so accessing your files in the cloud is never an issue during your business events with us.


Make your meeting more interesting with AV technology

Audio visual technology has been around for decades, but the rich storytelling that this technology enables during meetings or presentations is invaluable. However, audio visual presentations are susceptible to technical problems, like missing cables and adapters. The best way to avoid any of type of technical problem is by checking with the venue prior to your meeting or presentation to see if they can accommodate all your technical requirements. Also, be sure to test the equipment prior to the presentation if possible.

Presenting from an Apple device? Then bring your own DisplayPort to VGA cable, just in case. At all Radisson Blu hotels, you will find first class audio-visual equipment to make sure your meetings and presentations will always run smoothly.


Collaborate smarter with technology

One way technology is increasing efficiency in meetings, is through the introduction of advanced and innovative products that make it easier to work together. Tired of taking notes on your computer during a meeting? With a smart board, which is basically an interactive whiteboard, you can take notes that are saved directly to your computer with just one click. Select Radisson Blu hotels offer this type of technology, or DigiCharts.



Our stylish Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin features Apple Airplay in its meeting rooms, and our Frankfurt hotel offers an interactive 55-inch MultiPad - just to name some of the innovative technical equipment at your disposal when you host your business meeting at a Radisson Blu hotel.


If you want technology to work to your advantage during your next business meeting or presentation, you should host it at Radisson Blu!

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