Discover Beautiful Fall Foliage in Minneapolis

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Minnesota is famous for the vibrant fall colors that appear on the trees every year in mid - late September and early October. There are several beautiful locations in Minneapolis that are ideal for viewing fall foliage. During your fall trip, check out the following itineraries for the best photo opportunities.

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St. Anthony Main Tour

The St. Anthony Main Tour will guide you through several historic destinations along the Mississippi River waterfront. You will visit three parks that offer gorgeous views of the fall foliage with the river and Minneapolis skyline as a backdrop. Take some time to snap some photos and share them with #RadissonBlu!

Walking distance: 3.5 - 4.5 miles (5.6 - 7.2 km)

Stops along the way...

1. Mill Ruins Park

102 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Discover the history of the booming flour industry that was the catalyst for the development of Minneapolis. A centerpiece of the revitalization of Minneapolis history, Mill Ruins Park is where rich history meets present-day activity. The park features the ruins of several flour mills that were abandoned over the years, but now the park tells stories through the newly exposed historic walls and waterpower features once buried deep under sand and gravel.

2. Stone Arch Bridge

100 Portland Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55401

A symbol of the railroad age. This 2,100-foot bridge is the only arched bridge made of stone on the entire length on the Mississippi River. It was built in 1883 with granite and limestone and was used to increase the movement of people and goods across the river. Primarily used as a railroad bridge back in the day, it is now used by walkers and bicyclists to catch the best view of the St. Anthony Falls, the only natural major waterfall on the Upper Mississippi River.

Once you've crossed the bridge and landed your feet on St. Anthony Main, take in the scenery of Historic Main Street and Father Hennepin Bluff Park as you make your way to…

3. Aster Café

125 SE Main St. Minneapolis, MN 55414

Take a break from all the walking and enjoy a savory glass of wine or two! Aster Café is candle-lit and located on the prettiest street in Minneapolis. The restaurant was voted the “best place to go on a first date” and feature skyline views of Minneapolis and a summertime courtyard. Want to make a reservation? Call 612-379-3138 or ask the concierge at Radisson Blu Minneapolis Downtown.

After you’ve refreshed and refueled, exit Aster Café and turn left onto Main Street. Follow the old brick road and then turn left onto Merriam Street, where you will find…

4. Nicollet Island Park

Nicollet Island Park is located off Main Street SE and Hennepin Avenue and features the elegant Nicollet Island Pavilion, built in 1893 and recently restored. The pavilion is a hot spot for seasonal events and a local hangout with stunning views of the Mississippi River and the Minneapolis skyline. The north end of the park has a residential district with 43 historic homes dating from the 1860s to the 1890s. Check out the 1940s-era Grain Belt Beer sign as you cross the Hennepin Avenue Bridge.

Once you have your fill of Minneapolis history, head west on Hennepin Avenue, walk 8 blocks, turn left on 7th Street, and arrive back at the Radisson Blu Minneapolis Downtown for dinner at FireLake Grill House and Cocktail Bar!

Directions for the St. Anthony Main Tour from Radisson Blu Minneapolis Downtown:

Take a left out of Radisson Blu onto 7th St

Take a right onto Hennepin Ave, walk 8 blocks

Take a right onto West River Pkwy, walk along the waterfront for 0.5 miles

Explore Mill Ruins Park

Cross over the Mississippi River on the Stone Arch Bridge

Take a left onto Main St and continue for 0.5 miles

(Optional): Explore Father Hennepin Bluff Park on the left and dine at Aster Café at 125 SE Main St

Turn left onto Merriam St

Explore Nicollet Island Park

Head west (toward Minneapolis) on Hennepin Ave, walk 8 blocks

Turn left onto 7th St

Radisson Blu will be located on your right

Lakewood Cemetery Tour

3600 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408

If you find yourself exploring Minneapolis’ popular Uptown neighborhood, you should definitely consider visiting Lakewood Cemetery. This historic cemetery was founded in 1871 as a nonprofit association open to the public. This is a place where locals celebrate some of Minnesota’s key figures, such as Vice President Hubert Humphrey, Senator Paul Wellstone, and the Pillsbury family. Radisson Blu has a special connection to Lakewood Cemetery because its founder, Curt Carlson, is buried there. Carlson founded the Gold Bond Stamp Company in 1938, which became Carlson Companies, Inc. in 1973. Carlson purchased the first Radisson Hotel in downtown Minneapolis in 1962. When you are strolling through this beautiful, significant place, be sure to make a stop at his memorial.

Directions to Lakewood Cemetery from Radisson Blu Minneapolis Downtown:

By Car:

  1. Exit the parking ramp onto 7th St
  2. Turn left onto Hennepin Ave
  3. Turn left onto S 10th St
  4. Use the middle two lanes to turn slightly right onto the MN-65 ramp
  5. Continue onto MN-65
  6. Merge onto I-35W South
  7. Take exit 14 toward 35th St/36th St
  8. Turn right onto E 35th St
  9. Turn left onto Nicollet Ave
  10. Turn right onto W 36th St
  11. In one mile, the destination will be on your left

By Bus:

  1. Exit the hotel and turn left toward Hennepin Ave
  2. Cross Hennepin Ave and turn right, crossing 7th St
  3. Wait at the bus stop in front of the City Works restaurant for the #6 bus (arrives about every 10 minutes)
  4. Ride the #6 bus for about 22 minutes
  5. Exit the bus at Hennepin Ave & 36th St W

Current fare amounts can be found at

The Radisson Blu Minneapolis Downtown is the perfect home base from which you can experience Minnesota’s picturesque fall foliage. So why not book your stay this fall?

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