Discover Cebu´s Culinary Delicacies

Akin to traditional Filipino delicacies with added regional flair, Cebu’s unique cuisine combines fresh island produce with classic Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese flavours to create a one-of-a-kind taste sensation. Whether you’re a fine-food aficionado or simply want to sample the local fare, this bonafide foodie paradise has something for everyone.

Ready to dig in? Take your tastebuds on a culinary adventure with Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu’s guide to the city’s signature dishes.





Arguably Cebu’s most celebrated dish, this slow-roasted suckling pig is made extra special with the addition of lemongrass, garlic and other native herbs. Available at various outlets citywide, this indulgent dish demands a big appetite, with most local lechon houses selling servings by the kilogram.



If Cebu’s signature Lechon leaves you eager to try more swine-inspired dishes, grab a handful of Chicaron – a dish of crispy crackling pieces made from pork rind and fat. Salty, crunchy and full of flavour, this popular snack food is best enjoyed alongside an ice-cold brew.



Just as crumbly as it’s pork-based counterpart, this meat-free pastry is best devoured with a serviette in hand. Similar in taste and texture to shortbread, this melt-in-your-mouth dessert is a much-loved treat amongst Cebuanos, with popular brands like Shamrock topping the list of favourites.



Better known to the locals as simply STK, this seafood trifecta stands for the three cooking techniques used to prepare it: sugba (grill), tuwa (soup) and kilaw (raw). An excellent way to sample the spoils of Cebu’s fishing trade, this popular dish can be prepared with whatever seafood tickles your fancy, from parrotfish and scallops, to shrimp, lobsters and crabs.



Literally translating to mean ‘dried fish’, this well-loved breakfast food is the main attraction of Cebu’s famed Tabo-an Market, being sold by the basketful to locals and tourists alike. Available in a number of varieties from danggit (dried rabbitfish) to pusit (dried squid), there’s no shortage of ways to sample this unique native delicacy.


Dried Mango

Not quite ready to give dried fish a try? Opt for the familiar flavours of delicious dried mango. One of the world’s major producers of this dehydrated fruit, it’s easy to sample this sweet and chewy snack straight from the source in Cebu, with most supermarkets and stallholders stocking it in ample supply.


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