Discover the natural phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis

Tromsoe northern lights

Northern Norway and Tromsø are known for their amazing northern lights. This natural phenomenon, also known as the Aurora Borealis, lights up the winter skies like a living painting. The colorful streams are the result of energy particles from the sun colliding with the earth’s atmosphere from 80-500 kilometers above us. The gasses from earth then create light when coming into contact with the sun’s particles, and give off the beautiful sky show that has attracted visitors from across the globe. The display itself is difficult to describe. Each show is different with greens, pinks and even reds.

But this explanation really doesn't do it justice. You truly have to see it for yourself!

Aurora Borealis above the coast in Norway

Northern light Adventure at Radisson Blu Tromsø

If you want to see the magical lights show when in Norway, head north to Tromsø, also known as the Gateway to the Arctic. Tromsø is Northern Norway’s largest city and the home of the northern lights.

Check out the magical view captured from Radisson Blu Tromsø Hotel!

The ideal base for your own Arctic explorations is Radisson Blu Tromsø Hotel, located in the city center just 4 kilometers from Langnes Airport. Convenience to the entertainment and business districts makes it easy to join a Northern light safari. In winter, you can watch the Northern Lights from the hotel’s facilities.

Tromsoe northern lights

Captured by the webcam atop the Tromsø hotel on 11 September 2017.

Book your northern light safari today while staying at the Radisson Blu hotel, Tromsø.

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