Discover the natural wonders of Tromsø

Aurora Borealis above the coast in Norway

Known as Norway’s gateway to the Arctic, Tromsø will welcome you with snowcapped peaks and flowing fjords along with a vibrant local life and breathtaking natural phenomena. Take in the crisp fresh air of the north and discover a world of wonders in this cozy city.

Have a whale of a good time

During the cold winter months between October and February, Tromsø is guested by a school of humpbacks and orcas for your viewing pleasure. Watch as these magnificent animals breach the chilly waters and marvel at their impressive size and beauty. This unique experience lasts five to six hours but the memories will last a lifetime.

Humpback Whales

Set your sights on the northern lights

Also known as Aurora Borealis, the northern lights are one of mother nature’s most spectacular sights with green, pink and red colors dancing in the sky. The display itself is difficult to describe but is caused by energy particles from the sun coming in contact with the earth’s natural gasses for a light show out of this world. Join the northern light safari and watch a thoroughly unique colorscape. The months between September and December are the best to catch this natural phenomena in full swing. Plus, you'll manage to escape the extreme cold!

This magical view for example was captured by the live camera atop the Radisson Blu Hotel, Tromsø!

Tromsoe northern lights

Psst! Heading to Iceland? Experience the northern lights in Reykjavik too!

Get whisked away with dog sledding

Escape the city life and take in the silence and dramatic landscape of the Arctic Circle as a pack of huskies whisk you away on a sledding experience guaranteed to take your breath away. Unlike any other experience, dog sledding through the crisp snow and air offers ultimate tranquility and action at the same time. Enjoy a full day or just a few hours of arctic exploration.

Dog sledding in Norway

Stay up all night with the sun

While the northern lights might seem to dominate the sky, the summer also offers its own moments worth looking up for. Stay up and watch as the sun gently kisses the horizon, adding breathtaking colors to the sky of picture perfect proportions. This sensational display of colors is an ideal main event but is also the perfect backdrop for romantic moments. The beautiful and natural phenomena of midnight sun is definitely a must-see.

Last but not yeast 

After a full day of adventures and outdoor exploration, reflect on the experiences over a cold beer in warm and cozy surroundings. Take a seat at Rorbua Pub evoking an authentic Norwegian fishing cottage with its rough planks and hand-hewn beams. The selection of regional craft brews is perfect for quiet contemplation or social sharing with friends.

Rorbua Pub at the Radisson Blu Hotel Tromso

The ideal base for your own Arctic explorations is Radisson Blu Tromsø Hotel, located in the city center just 4 kilometers from Langnes Airport. Convenience to the entertainment and business districts makes it easy to join a Northern light safari. In winter, you can watch the Northern Lights from the hotel’s facilities. Oh, and the hotel has also undergone a beautiful renovation, so you'll be treated to some stunning design.

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Stay close to all the action and helpful advice with Radisson Blu Hotel, Tromsø.

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