Discovering Batumi by Bike

Batumi by night with bikes

With its prime coastal location and subtropical climate, it's no wonder Batumi is such a popular destination for vacationers.  On top of its rich historical offerings (it's one of the oldest cities in Georgia), it stands out for its lush foliage, long beachfront promenade and multiple wineries. All this makes it an ideal spot for cycling. Hop on your bike and pedal your way through this magnificent city.

Sample the wines of Batumi

Renowned for its delicious local wines and year-round tasting, Winery Khareba is a convenient five-minute bike ride from our Radisson Blu Hotel, Batumi. The winery produces its wines using distinctive Georgian and European grape species from vineyards in Kakheti, Lechkhumi, and Imereti. They use a blend of modern technology and ancient methods. Once inside, head upstairs to the small shop where you can sample and purchase wines. Complete your visit with a tour of the winery’s underground tunnels. Each leading to a unique tasting experience.

Watch the sun set over the Black Sea

The origins of Batumi Boulevard, sometimes referred to as Seaside Park, date back to the late 1880s when the Governor of the Batumi District requested to built a park along the shoreline of Batumi Old Town. Today, the boulevard is just over four miles long and offers an enticing mix of old and new. The older part is renowned for its scenery while the new section features clubs, cafés, restaurants, and beach bars. In the late afternoon, lock up your bike and stroll along Batumi Boulevard for unforgettable views out over the Black Sea at sunset. The boulevard is particularly lively during the summer months when crowds from local bars spill out onto the walkway.

Watch the sun set over the Black Sea from your bike on the Batumi oceanfront

Pedal among the picturesque foliage

If you're up for a slightly longer bike adventure, head for Batumi Botanical Gardens. The gardens are located near the seaside resort town of Mtsvane Kontskhi and feature plants from all over the world. Stretch your legs with a walk down the main pathway. Or head off on your own and you'll find everything from citrus and roses, to maple and camellias. The plant species displayed around the garden come from diverse landscapes and climatic zones such as New Zealand, North and South America, Mexico, eastern Asia, and the Mediterranean. Before you cycle on, relax on the nearby beach or grab a bite at one of the many cafés.

Experience the traditional villages

An 8-mile bike ride (or 15-minute drive) from Batumi takes you to Acharistskali, a traditional Georgian village with sweeping mountain views. No visit is complete without a stop at Adjarian Wine House. It opened in 2010 but is built on the ruins of an 18th century winery. Its mission is to promote traditional Georgian varietals, particularly chkhaveri, a late-harvest sweet rosé. Enjoy a wine tour and tasting while learning more about Adjarian folklore and cuisine. The tasting gives you a chance to sample some of the most unique and historic wines from the area and you may even get to make your own. Oh, and don't forget to try Khachapuri if you get the chance. It's a traditional Georgian dish of cheese-filled bread.

Khachapuri bread in Adjarian

Batumi has invested heavily in its bike rental scheme. So it’s easy to find yourself a set of wheels next time you’re in town. To find out more about renting a bike in Batumi, simply visit the tourist information booth by the dancing fountains.

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