Dive into adventure in the marvelous Red Sea

Enjoy magnificent views of coral reefs, schools of fish and crystal-clear waters when diving in El Quseir

Heading to El Quseir and want to discover the hidden secrets of the Red Sea? Then the best way is to strap on some diving gear and head underwater!

Lounging about on the beach and relaxing shore-side is a great way to spend your days at Radisson Blu Resort, El Quseir but to take in the Red Sea’s splendor you should head underwater. Subex Diving Center is located in our resort and will happily help both beginner and experienced divers. So put your mask on, we’re going diving!

The Subex basics

Subex Diving Center at Radisson Blu Resort in El Quseir is the perfect dive school

Before we head into the water it’s time to start with the basics. El Quseir is a small fishing village south of Hurghada and the perfect spot to experience an authentic Egyptian town. It is also a prime spot for dive enthusiasts, and the guys at Subex Diving Center have got years of experience and are ready to help you take your first steps into the world of diving. If you are a more experienced underwater enthusiast, they can also show you some prime dive spots. Ready to see schools of fish and vibrant corals? Then let’s dive!

"My son age 13 and my husband took their Open Water here in 4 days (2 or 3 dives per day + 1 theory lesson per day). They really enjoyed the course and the instructor was very knowledgeable and spoke great English. All of the team were very friendly and at your disposal. Organisation was excellent. The instructors seem to love their job! Ideally located, the dive center offers a variety of dive sites. In short, perfect in every way. Thank you Ashraf and the Team at El Quseir."

TripAdvisor user Bernise


Diving that sweet spot

Dive into the magnificent Red Sea with Subex Diving Center

The Red Sea is a treasure-trove, with more diving spots than you can shake a stick at. With more than 1200 species of fish, of which 10% are found nowhere else, calling the sea home you can expect a vibrant and colorful sight. In addition, coral reefs stretch a whopping 2000 km along the coastline. These reefs can form platforms, lagoons and even cylinders, which form superb diving spots. 25% of the Red Sea has a depth of less than 50m, so there is plenty of shallow waters to dive into.

Right outside the resort you can find the “house reef”, teeming with life. Fusilier, mackerel, tuna fish, scorpion fish, trigger fish, butterfly fish and eagle rays are just some of the species found here. With some luck you might even be accompanied by turtles and dolphins on your dive. Who could ask for better company?

Personalized beginners experience

Diving is a great way of adventuring into exciting areas, and El Quseir is the perfect spot to learn how

If you are eager to take your first leap into the world of diving and underwater exploration, then Subex is the school for you. The managers alone have more than three decades of diving experience between them and are eager to share their love of diving. When you join the Subex Diver Training course you are treated to an individual experience, with no more than 4 students per instructor. Theory lessons are held at the diving center while all diving lessons take part in the sea. From the diving center a pier stretches 70 meters out into the Red Sea, and two staircases will take you below the surface for your first dive.

There is even a separate course for children, so the little ones can take part in the fun. If you need any help carrying your diving gear or are feeling a little nervous before the dive, then have no fear, your instructor will be happy to help you out with both. The dive center can take 80 guests and comes complete with a locker for each guest, dive shop, canopies providing protection from the sun and plenty of space for changing clothes and a debrief after the dive.

Taking it one dive further

If diving is a favorite pastime and you’ve experienced several underwater adventures before, but want to take it a dive further, then you’re at the right spot. They have a variety of advanced diver and instructor training courses available. You can either take a course allowing you to continue diving on your own, without requiring an instructor, or become a dive leader, the highest level of training available. Both courses are only for experienced divers.

"The staff at Subex are more than friendly, the operation is extremely professional in the way its run and I was more than relaxed on every dive I undertook with them. Being a Master Scuba Diver of many years who has dived conditions from sub-zero to high tropics, I think I'm qualified to give an unbiased and rational review of this centre. Would I dive with them again? - Yes, every time with Subex without question."

-TripAdvisor user Frogman40

In other words, El Quseir is a top spot for anyone wanting to go diving, whether you’re a seasoned diver or just want to give it a try. We’ll see you at the reefs!

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