Djerba Island – Why it´s such a dreamy destination

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Tiny, but rich in entertainment describes Djerba Island quite well. With its Mediterranean vibe, southeastern coastline and eclectic culture, this peaceful paradise will enchant you for days on end. In the morning, find fresh fruit at the local market to bring to the beach. In the afternoon, wander around to get to know the area’s art and architecture. In the evening, indulge in the spellbinding sound of waves while savoring crispy lamb with couscous. After an exciting day of sightseeing, retreat to our Radisson Blu resort in Djerba for complete relaxation. Read on to dive into the details of Djerba’s must-sees.

Beautiful Beaches & Pools

White sand, turquoise water, sunbeds and striking views: Djerba is not the only island that boasts these qualities, but once you have your feet in the sea and the rays warming your cheeks, you’ll experience that there’s something very special about this island. It exudes harmony and hypnotizes even the most energetic traveler. Whether you prefer to soak up the sunshine or sail, you’ll notice that all activities happen in a low tempo. If salty waves don’t appeal to you, simply retreat to one of our resort pools sitting on the shore. Float around in the 1,100m2 outdoor pool or sip cocktails while observing the horizon at Radisson Blu Palace Resort & Thalasso.

Culture Charms

Once the heat becomes bearable, it’s time to explore the island’s cultural gems. Start your journey at Guellala Museum, boasting 4000m2 of antiques, arts, crafts, ceramics, mosaics and much more. Learn about Djerba’s history, ceremonies and clothing by yourself or with a guide. Afterward, head to El Ghriba, the oldest synagogue in North Africa. The holy site will mesmerize you with its intense blue interior and entrancing tiles. Every year, Jews from around the world come here to celebrate Lag B’Omer holiday. If you’re into something modern, take time to discover Djerbahood – the result of a street art event where artists from the international graffiti community gathered to create 250 mural paintings.

Djerbahood by Marc Nouss


Culinary Quests

One of the best ways to unwind while getting to know a culture is through its cuisine. Because Djerba consists of a vibrant mix of Muslim, Jewish and Berber communities, it has a wide variety of colorful dishes to offer. If you wish to cook yourself, visit the colorful Houmt El Souk market, where you can shop everything from spices to shoes. Otherwise, follow the sweet scent of smoked lamb being roasted on spits. Hopefully, it will lead you to a restaurant where you can taste all the locals’ favorites. For dessert, indulge in a nice cup of tea and pristine pastries made with honey and almond paste.

Houmt El Souk Market by Marc Nouss


There’s really no place like Djerba Island. Book your heavenly holiday today and stay with us at Radisson Blu Palace Resort & Thalasso.

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