Dubai´s #BluRoutes are perfect for refreshing the mind

Running routes Dubai - woman warming up before a run

Dubai's #BluRoutes will refresh your mind, stretch out your legs and have you feeling alert and ready for another day in this fast tracked business jungle.

Walk em', run em' or sprint and recharge your energy with a fantastic view of the waterfront. #BluRoutes are predetermined routes you can take from Radisson Blu Residence, Dubai Marina when you want to get a bit of fresh air. Pull on your jogging shoes and download one of the podcasts featured below to exercise your mind while you are at it.

3. #BluRoutes you should try

Above you can see the longest of the routes, #3, which is 6.5km long. On this trip you will run from the hotel across to Media City and then along the waterfront around Dubai Marina before looping back to the hotel. If you prefer a shorter run then check out the maps for Route 1 and Route 2. These are 2km and 3.12km respectively.

Tips for running trips in Dubai

It is no secret that Dubai was once just desert, which means if you are planning to run you will want to be prepared. When it comes to dress, it is no problem for women to run in shorts and a singlet, however you may feel more comfortable wearing leggings to the knee. If you want to stop by a store on the way home or have breakfast at the Marina, then you will need appropriate dress to enter stores and restaurants.

Probably most importantly, you will need to pick your time of day carefully depending on the season. In the summer, you will need to wake up around 05:30 for it to be cool enough to run (and by cool enough we are talking 30 degrees Celsius). Chances are, you will be dripping in sweat by just walking outside so remember to get plenty of water and bring a bottle if possible. That being said, if you visit during Ramadan, it is illegal to drink water in public so maybe stick to the hotel's indoor air-conditioned gym.

When the weather is a little more forgiving, you can even take longer routes along the beach front and even into desert on an organized Desert Road Run. The coolest months are December, January and February so we recommend saving any desert running adventures to those months if you are not used to the heat.

Running routes Dubai - a man running in the dessert

While you're at it, brighten your mind

If you are in Dubai on business and are the type of person that likes to multitask, then we recommend you listen to podcasts as you make your way around these tracks. You can find a podcast relevant to your industry and catch up on latest trends, or if you want a break from work but still have a craving to learn then try out one of these:

Stuff you should know

This podcast has episodes about anything and everything ranging from extinction to the ecosystem and crime to sleep deprivation. You can pick a topic that interests you and jog along as you laugh. Who knows, your new-found knowledge about the relationship between toothpaste and orange may serve you in small talk situations.

Point of Inquiry

Point of Inquiry is a little more heavy with discussions about those things you don't normally discuss with strangers namely, science, religion and politics. Big names across these industries such as Bill Nye, Susan Jacoby and Francis Collins all weigh in on captivating topics.

Running routes Dubai - woman listening to headphones, while runningIf you would like to know about different routes to take around the city, then be sure to ask the receptionists at our hotel. This city is full of great tracks and people who love running. Check out Dubai Trail Runners if you would like to join a running group and don't forget to pack your shoes!

Running routes Dubai - two women running

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