Silicon Oasis: Dubai´s newest architectural wonder

With outrageous ambition, Dubai has become a global city for business and culture, and a home to an array of fantastic world-famous buildings. What is it about infrastructure that’s so fascinating? Throughout history, man has built unimaginable structures and buildings, and nowhere else is this more evident than in Dubai. The seven wonders of the world are a testament to our human motive to build structures that are absolutely mind-blowing. Certainly Dubai is a powerhouse when it comes to architecture. A place that continuously takes on audacious projects to solidify their position as a mega city. Let us walk you through some of the most known Dubai structures as well as some up-and-coming areas you may not have heard of.

To The Sky

The Burj Khalifa dwarfs previous record holders as the world’s largest building with over 300 meters, and is one of the greatest achievements in engineering history. It is truly a wonder of the world and a must-see when in Dubai, particularly during sunset. Stretching 5.5 km into the Arabian Gulf, the Palm Jumeirah is so vast that it is visible from space. It is another absolutely remarkable construction; a structure everyone thought could never be built. Today, it stands as a testament to the resilience and determination of Dubai.

The tallest building in the world, Dubai's Burj Khalifa


Another development is Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), an integrated free zone technology park that is wholly owned by the government of Dubai and spans 7.2 km². This free zone, which is a hotspot for business and leisure alike, is made up of other impressive buildings including the ‘Pineapple Building’ shown above, and the free zone’s Authority Headquarters.

Pineapple Building Dubai

What can be found in Silicon Oasis?

The outstanding business and residential community of Dubai Silicon Oasis boasts innovation, technology and convenience. The Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, the regulatory body of DSO, has made a large capital investment in its infrastructure to cater to the need of high tech industries and has recently developed a Smart City Program. The modernization program aims to encourage residents and tenants of the community to integrate smart technology and innovation into their daily living.

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