Easter in Ukraine

Colored Easter Eggs in Ukraine

Easter is one of the most important holidays for Ukrainians. Even those who are not very religious follow the traditions of this day. Read on to learn all about the colorful and meaningful activities that are followed in Ukraine during this festive period.

Ukrainian Easter cake and traditional Easter eggs

For Easter, people in Ukraine bake paskas – traditional Ukrainian Easter cake – and paint traditional Easter eggs – krashankas and pysankas – which are decorated with traditional Ukrainian patterns. Both Christian and ancient pagan symbols of life and prosperity are delicately painted onto the eggs. Beautiful, right?

Colored Easter Eggs in a Basket

Traditions in Ukraine

On Saturday families from all over Ukraine prepare Easter baskets full of goods and food: paskas, krashankas and pysankas, sausages, wine, even salt. Early in the morning they come to the nearest church to sanctify all these dishes for a festive dinner.

Easter celebration

During Easter celebration which this year falls on April 1st, on Palm Sunday, every Ukrainian city turns into a beautiful spring garden. Although the most spectacular activities are held in the capital - Kyiv. The main event is an Easter Eggs Festival that will be held on St. Sophia’s Square, close to Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv City Centre.

Activities around the city

585 eggs will be placed at the Easter quarter - from St. Sophia’s Cathedral to St. Michael's Cathedral. The Easter Eggs Festival will also judge the best artists and fans to paint Easter eggs that range in size from 5 cm to 2 m. What's more, a kids entertainment area, lounge area, workshops zone, art and handmade fair will be organized all over the city. A perfect idea for a family weekend away!

Easter Eggs Festival in Kiev

Take an Easter break

The Easter break is a great chance for an oxygenating escape from the city to the Carpathian Mountains. The freshest air, untouched nature, peace and quiet can go hand in hand with Ukrainian Easter traditions. The Radisson Blu Resort, Bukovel, situated in the very heart of Carpathians, is preparing a festive Easter corner at the hotel. On Saturday evening the priest will consecrate paskas and other goods at the lobby and on Sunday the Super Breakfast buffet will be turned to a festive Easter meal.

Ukrainian Easter is a unique and colorful event, which is sure to wow both adults and little ones! Join in on all the fun by planning your trip to Ukraine!

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