Where To Eat In Ash Sharafiyah, Jeddah

The Ash Sharafiyah district of Jeddah is home to a variety of restaurants offering diners a range of delicious local and international cuisine.

Take It Away

Head to Al Baik for some of the best fast food in Jeddah. For over 40 years this restaurant in Ash Sharafiyah has been serving up tasty, affordable food with excellent service. The speciality in Al Baik is chicken and seafood meals, with the spiced 'broasted chicken' a particularly popular offering.

For a taste of cool food on a hot day in Jeddah, take a trip to Freshi Ice Sticks in Ash Sharafiyah. Freshi Ice Sticks has combined artisan ice cream making with the ease of ice lolly sticks. The result is authentic gelato, made by hand with less sugar and fat than normal ice cream, and served in a unique way. There are dozens of flavours, with ice sticks such as chocolate Nutella, pistachio, dates with milk or pomegranate gelato to choose from.

Authentic Tastes

To the north of the Ash Sharafiyah district of Jeddah is Allosh, a great place to head for some authentic Arabic Shawarma, regarded as among the best in Jeddah. Prices are good and there is a small seating area for diners.

You can enjoy a delicious mix of Lebanese and Italian food at the popular IL Castello restaurant. This Ash Sharafiyah restaurant has been offering great food to locals for over thirty years. It is especially well known for its tasty thin crust pizza, but the traditional Middle Eastern hummus and Lebanese bread are excellent too.

Go International

For the best Japanese food in Jeddah, make sure to visit Hokkaido. This Jeddah restaurant specialises in tasty and popular Japanese meals, including sashimi, sushi and teppanyaki, and has a sophisticated interior with friendly service from the expert chefs. Hokkaido is housed in the stylish Radisson Blu Hotel Jeddah in Ash Sharafiyah.

A visit to Red Lobster restaurant is a must for lovers of seafood. Lobster is of course the speciality, and is served in inventive dishes like lobster curry as well as classic lobster thermidor. This Ash Sharafiyah restaurant has friendly service and good portion sizes.

Near to Red Lobster is Mumtaz restaurant, which serves up a mix of Indian and Pakistani food. Here you will find traditional Asian meals like biryani, tikkas and kebabs, served with tasty bread.

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