Where to Eat in Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina Walk stretches 7km along the city's waterfront and is home to a range of cafés and restaurants serving local and international cuisine. From fine dining to seafood feasts, Dubai Marina offers a wide range of dining options for a variety of budgets.


Jedoudna is a Lebanese restaurant which takes pride in honouring its ancestry by dishing up delicious cuisine based on traditional recipes. The direct translation of Jedoudna is 'our grandfathers', and the eatery acts as a nod to those who inspired Lebanon's culinary culture. Stop by for a traditional breakfast of chickpeas and fried pita casserole or tuck into falafels, pan-fried meatballs or crispy chicken in the evening.

Aprons & Hammers

After a day spent gazing out across the Arabian Sea, you may well be in the mood to sample some of the delicacies plucked out of the local waters. Few places take fresh seafood as seriously as Aprons & Hammers, where the clue very much is in the name. Upon being seated you are issued with an apron, whilst wooden hammers are readily available to assist you with cracking the outer shells of the buckets of fresh lobster, crabs and jumbo shrimps. Expect huge portions and a laid-back, fun-filled atmosphere at Aprons & Hammers.

Baker & Spice

With an emphasis on utilising fresh, local and organic produce, Baker & Spice features the very best ingredients from the region. Serving up what it describes as 'local soul food', this café has fast become a hit with residents and visitors alike. Breakfast is served between 8am and 1pm and features everything from boiled eggs to English breakfasts, French toast and granola. Light lunches, cakes and drinks are served throughout the day in this bright, modern and colourful establishment.

Wok Hei

Located on the ground floor of the Radisson Blu Residence, Dubai Marina the excellent Wok Hei offers diners an experience of authentic Asian cuisine. With a wide range of dishes on offer this is a great choice for families and groups. You'll find food from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore on the menu. The green curry with jasmine rice is a must-try – you can even choose your preferred level of spiciness. The Wok Hei is open from 7am until 11pm daily.

Yo Sushi

Yo Sushi brings the authentic Japanese conveyor-belt sushi or Kaitenzushi experience to Dubai Marina. Diners looking for a quick, healthy snack can sit at the counter and simply pick up whichever plate of delicious sushi, sashimi or dessert takes their fancy. The colour of the plates indicates the price of the food and your bill is tallied up by counting plates at the end of the meal. Yo Sushi Dubai Marina Mall also offers a take away menu with cold and hot bento boxes sushi rolls. Don't miss out on the scrumptious hot menu items like yakitori and katsu curry – yum!

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